Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI)

Breastfeeding Exclusive September 2017 - Alumni Spotlight

Charlotte Zuber, third-year MPH-RD student in the Nutrition Department

We’d like to introduce you to Charlotte Zuber, CGBI’s Intern for Fall 2017. Charlotte is a third year MPH-RD student in the Nutrition Department. A native Floridian, Charlotte moved to North Carolina in 2013 for a research role at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention where she worked on a nutrition intervention in family child care settings. She later worked at Duke Child and Family Study Center as a research assistant on several studies examining child psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction and ADHD.  As a student, Charlotte was a LEND trainee (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities). In the program, she learned advocacy skills to best support individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and leadership skills to serve as a future healthcare provider on an interdisciplinary treatment team. Her LEND experience culminated in a final project that surveyed more than 700 parents of children with intellectual or developmental disabilities on their feelings toward nutrition support in the management of their child’s healthcare and barriers to accessing nutrition services.

Currently, Charlotte is wrapping up her final semester of her Master’s degree, while simultaneously beginning the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative. She is splitting her time between CGBI and a local hospital where she interns with an RD IBCLC in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Charlotte is also in the midst of writing her masters paper on RD confidence and competence in promoting and supporting breastfeeding. Charlotte has professional interests in preconception and prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding support for mothers of preterm infants or infants with special health care needs, microbiome research, and food science.

She looks forward to graduating this Fall and having a little more time to spend with her husband and 2 cats in Raleigh. Her hobbies include exercising outdoors, Zumba, baking fresh sourdough bread, trying new recipes, singing, and thrift shopping.