Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI)

Breastfeeding Exclusive New Year 2020 - EMPower Breastfeeding Update

EMPower Training Initiative Update

We are excited to offer a few impact metrics from the EMPower Training project, which ended as of August 31, 2019.  As a reminder, the project aimed to equip maternity hospitals with the training skills and resources needed to carry out skills-based competency training for nursing staff on breastfeeding topics.

89 hospitals enrolled in the project, and a total of 222 representatives from those facilities attended in-person training with our project team. At the training, representatives received and reviewed the EMPower Training Trainer Manual and prepared to implement training at their own facilities. At the end of the project, 95% of hospitals met or exceeded the project goal of training at least 80% of their staff on the competencies in the Trainer Manual. This amounts to 3719 staff trained as a direct result of the EMPower Training project!

The information developed for this project has been made publicly available for any maternity facility to utilize. The EMPower Training Digital Tool can be found on CGBI’s website, and offers the online equivalent of the in-person trainings conducted over the past 2 years. We invite you to share this valuable tool with maternity centers in your networks.

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