Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute (CGBI)

Breastfeeding Exclusive June 2017 - Project Update: Responsive Feeding in Forsyth County

We have wrapped up the 2-year responsive feeding project in Forsyth County funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, Great Expectations Initiative, which aimed to contribute to school readiness for children through optimal nutrition, growth and development in the vital early months and years of life. Previous articles detail the announcement of the work and the wrap-up of Year One. Year Two of this project involved several trainings on CGBI materials for community organizations who work with new families. We also completed the development of six new resources, linked below. These resources were piloted and revised based on the feedback given from those who used the materials with families. We are grateful to all the valuable input provided by the Forsyth County community that helped to improve the original materials.

Community stakeholders came together in May for a final meeting to discuss the collaborative work accomplished over the course of the project. CGBI distributed final versions of the patient materials created during the project, and discussed the revisions made based on stakeholder feedback. Of note, the materials are available in Spanish, and will soon be available in Arabic. While these materials were created through a local project, we invite you to use them in your work if they are helpful. Peruse them by clicking on the links below and entering in your agreement to the Creative Commons copyright license. There are easy-to-use one-page materials not only on responsive feeding for several age-groups, but also on going back to work or school and on lifestyle concerns for breastfeeding mothers (medications/drugs/alcohol/tobacco, etc.). We’d like to thank Joe Crocker and all those from the Trust who made this project possible.