Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility
Asthma Outreach Materials

Middle school children participate in soda bottle lung activity to learn about asthma


More than 1 million North Carolina adult and youth residents have been diagnosed with asthma. It is the most common chronic disease among children causing school absences.

Through collaboration with members of the UNC-CEHS Cardiopulmonary Disease Research Focus Area and the Stakeholder Advisory Board, the CEC provides module materials, activities, and trainings to inform public health professionals and the public about air pollution and health.

*NEW* Environmental Asthma Triggers Online Module
Public health professionals can learn about environmental exposures that worsen asthma and some evidence-based strategies to reduce those exposures. Educational materials can be used with populations of varying literacy levels to help them understand current environmental health research about asthma and allergies and its implications for their daily lives.


Educational materials

Chemical Irritants Fact Sheet (English)

Chemical Irritants Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Mold and Moisture Fact Sheet (English)

Mold and Moisture Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Getting Rid of Pests Fact Sheet (English)

Getting Rid of Pests Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Green Cleaning Fact Sheet (English)

Green Cleaning Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Asthma and Allergy Triggers Fact Sheet

Asthma graphic