UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility facilitates research collaborations by funding university infrastructure to support scientific equipment, facilities, and other resources that can be shared among environmental health researchers. By pursuing shared research questions, CEHS can identify emerging issues that advance understanding about how pollutants and other environmental factors affect public health and health equities. The Center is funded through a P-30 grant from NIEHS.
Research Highlight

CEHS member reports environmental health impacts of Hurricane Matthew

Led by Dr. Larry Engel, the goal of this study was to create resources that public health professionals, state decision makers, and others could use to prioritize and target community-level environmental health interventions in response to Hurricane Matthew and to help improve public health response to future floods and other disasters in the state.

The research team assessed a wide range of known and potential environmental health hazards to allow a more comprehensive understanding of potential impacts. The study was focused on communities at large as well as on vulnerable populations, including children, senior citizens, and the disabled, within these communities.

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Outreach Highlight

Students explore climate and health connection with CEHS researchers

Twenty-five high school students from central North Carolina and New York City came together at UNC-Chapel Hill in July to learn about the role of community resilience in addressing extreme weather events, the importance of protecting vulnerable populations during such events and the nature of the grassroots work that needs to be done to protect human health during extreme weather events. In addition, students met researchers from the UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) who are at the forefront of studying air quality and human health.

This three-day event was part of a year-long youth science enrichment program, the Climate Leadership and Energy Awareness Program (Climate LEAP).

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News & Events

CEHS Seminar Series featuring Dr. Peter Loskill on March 21

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) is pleased to announce the seminar “Merging high-content and high-throughput screening: Microphysiological Organ-on-a-Chip systems integrating human retinal, cardiac and adipose tissue” featuring Peter Loskill, PhD, Assistant Professor for Experimental Regenerative Medicine at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.

This seminar, which is a part of the UNC-CEHS Seminar Series, will be presented on Wednesday, March 21 at 10:30 am in room 0001 Michael Hooker Research Center Auditorium.

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