Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

Facilitating Environmental Exposure Research

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) facilitates collaborations by funding university infrastructure to support scientific equipment, facilities, and other resources that can be shared among environmental health researchers. By pursuing shared research questions, CEHS can identify emerging issues that advance understanding about how pollutants and other environmental factors affect human biology and may lead to disease. The Center is funded through a P-30 grant from the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences.

We are a National Institute of Health Environmental Health Sciences Core Center.

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View information from the recent Expert Panel on Thyroid Cancer in NC

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Congratulations to Keil & Lockett, 2019 Rising Stars

Dr. Alexander Keil, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, and Dr. Mathew Ryen Lockett, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, were selected to receive 2019 Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Rising Star Awards, $10,000 each. Rising Star Awards are an annual mentorship and training opportunity offered by the Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility. The goal of these awards is to provide financial support and mentoring to junior investigators at UNC to strengthen the environmental sciences pipeline. Read more.

New Service: Aims Review and Consultation

New Service
CEHS Members seeking feedback from senior investigators may submit their specific aims, which will be reviewed within 30 days (possibly sooner). This service is available for CEHS pilot grant applications or external grant applications. Read more.

Funding Opportunity: Scientific Method Development

CEHS has funds available to support method development activities that utilize our Molecular Analysis Facility Core labs. Examples might include the development of novel assays & biomarkers. Multiple awards will be given, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis with funds distributed in the same calendar year. Click here for more information about eligibility requirements.

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Ilona Jaspers

Risks of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

CEHS Member Ilona Jaspers recently shared her research on the potential hazards of vaping and e-cigarettes with the Genetics and Environmental Mutagenesis Society of NC. Click here to read more about the meeting.

Free Training Opportunity

This online 45-minute training was developed by the CEHS Communications, Outreach and Engagement Core, to enable health professionals to help people with asthma in eliminating or reducing the seven most common environmental exposures that can worsen asthma. Visit the NC Healthy Homes website for additional tips & training opportunities.

Stephanie Engel

NC Lead and Health Homes Task Force

CEHS Research Director Dr. Stephanie Engel recently gave an excellent presentation to the NC Healthy Homes Task Force about her research on environmental exposures and childhood development. The task force is a collaboration of local, state and federal health and housing agencies, organized by the CEHS Community Outreach and Engagement Core, that looks for innovative ways protect vulnerable populations in the state.

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