CEHS members

CEHS maintains a diverse and robust membership, including faculty from all ranks in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Pediatrics, Genetics, Medicine, and the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, and other university departments. The criteria for membership in the Center include the following:

  • the individual’s research interests are relevant to the Center’s goals and ongoing or emerging research areas;
  • the individual is willing to further the Center’s goals through interdisciplinary research collaborations;
  • the individual, if an established researcher, is currently or recently funded; or
  • if a young investigator, the individual has demonstrated potential to secure external funding.

To maintain membership status, Center members are encouraged to:

  • develop/maintain funded research in an area of relevance to the Center’s mission;
  • show evidence of interdisciplinary collaboration in the form of grants, manuscripts, shared mentoring of graduate students, abstracts, posters, etc.;
  • attend CEHS seminars and Center-wide meetings;
  • submit pilot project proposals in response to Center RFAs;
  • cite the Center Grant in any publication that had CEHS funding and/or utilizes our Facility Cores; and
  • collaborate with the Community Outreach and Engagement Core, when appropriate, to share environmental health sciences information with public health professionals and other community audiences.

CEHS members, faculty and staff listing

For questions about becoming a CEHS member, contact Center Administrator Jorge Izquierdo.