Carolina Collaborative for Research on Work and Health (CCRWH)

Message from the Director

Laura Linnan, ScD

Director and Professor; Senior Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

“With more than 60 percent of U.S. adults employed, we know that reaching individuals at work with evidence-based, health-related programs and services is essential.”

The Carolina Collaborative for Research on Work and Health (CCRWH) is an initiative that brings together interdisciplinary groups interested in building research collaborations that will improve worker and workplace health.

The purpose of the CCRWH is to:

  • Create opportunities for individuals to share insights, expertise, interests, and research results on work and health-related topics;
  • Create opportunities for individuals to network informally (via a number of communication channels) and formally with each other and potential research partners on a wide range of timely work and health-related topics;
  • Distribute proactive notices to CCRWH members about potential research partners, upcoming meetings/conferences, grant opportunities and research results that relate to work and health;
  • Create opportunities to stimulate innovative, interdisciplinary research that improves the health of employees, their organizations, and the larger communities in which they reside; and
  • Apply research results in ways that influence work and health-related programmatic and policy decision-making at the local, state and national levels.
Project Director: Maija Leff
(919) 843-2662

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