Case study shares example of closing health care disparities through antiracist organizing

July 13, 2022
Imagine a world where racial disparities in health care could be virtually eliminated. Actually, there is no need to imagine — it has already happened at a health care center in Greensboro, North Carolina, for Black and white patients with breast and lung cancer.

Public health in practice: A community partnership for youth nutrition

July 12, 2022
The Gillings School's Food Fitness and Opportunity Research Collaborative team is partnering with the Diversity Nurtures Achievements Community Youth Center in Duplin County, N.C., to invest in nutrition and education for community youth.

Fourth-generation vaping devices increase risk to immune cells

July 7, 2022
With the FDA ordering Juul to stop selling their e-cigarette devices, UNC researchers, led by Dr. Ilona Jaspers, published the first study to compare the respiratory immune health effects of different types of devices.

Climate warming could deepen environmental injustice in urban areas

July 6, 2022
Extreme heat events could become more intense and frequent, increasing the risk of harm to health and global economies and deepening climate injustices, according to new research from Dr. Yuqiang Zhang at the Gillings School.

Preventative therapy for malaria has positive effect on baby birth weight, unless intestinal pathogens are present

June 29, 2022
Recently published in eBioMedicine, this study represents work that originated with the late Gillings School professor Dr. Steve Meshnick.

Removing Medicaid prescription restrictions could improve treatment for opioid use disorder

June 24, 2022
Removing the Medicaid requirement for prior approval to fill prescriptions for buprenorphine, a common treatment for opioid use disorder, could lead to more patients gaining access to this life-saving medication.

Weber publishes 50th paper about coronaviruses and COVID-19

June 23, 2022
Infectious disease expert Dr. David Weber has reached a formidable hallmark: his 50th publication about coronaviruses and COVID-19. His research has played an important role in creating new policies and ways that we can keep ourselves and patients safe in community and hospital settings.

Public health in practice: The NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center

June 14, 2022
The NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center engages in public health practice that improves child care throughout North Carolina by training and supporting health professionals who work with programs to assess, plan, implement and evaluate strategies to achieve high quality, safe and healthy child care environments.

Can we reverse the rise in maternal mortality?

June 14, 2022
Students from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University have joined forces to reverse rising maternal death rates in minorities. They’ve been invited to Oxford University in June to share their insights as part of a systems thinking competition among 44 top student teams from around the world.

Public health in practice: NC Partnership for Excellence in Applied Epidemiology

June 10, 2022
The North Carolina Partnership for Excellence in Applied Epidemiology is an applied public health research, educational and practice collaborative to promote best practices that improve the health and well-being of North Carolinians and the global community.

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