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School News

UNC's Bryan Fellows begin summer

June 10, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Five University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students — including one from the School of Public Health — will complete service projects in North Carolina this summer as recent recipients of the Carolina Center for Public Service’s Robert E. Bryan Fellowships.Named in honor of alumnus Robert E. Bryan,... Read more »

HIV infection impairs immunity to malaria in pregnant women

June 04, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Scientists studying infections with HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — and malaria have found a strong link between the two illnesses, both major scourges in sub-Saharan Africa.One of their reports, appearing in the April 30 issue of the journal AIDS, shows that malaria makes HIV worse in... Read more »

Study: economic growth boosting women's obesity in poorer nations

June 02, 2004 CHAPEL HILL – Around the globe, obesity has become a problem for many poorer women in most countries with upper-middle income national economies and even some with lower-middle income economies, an important new international study concludes.Increasing obesity threatens to undermine the health of women in nations previously not known for a growing... Read more »

New UNC research finds high rate of chlamydia in US young adults

May 11, 2004 CHAPEL HILL – More than one in 25 young adults in the United States is infected with the organism that causes the sexually transmitted disease known as chlamydia, according to the latest results from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, a continuing University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill investigation.If not... Read more »