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School News

Women's Health Research Day to feature presentations on dozens of topics

March 18, 2005 CHAPEL HILL — Women’s health researchers statewide will give presentations on the latest research, including breast cancer, preventive care, eating disorders and health disparities, at the sixth annual Women’s Health Research Day, to be held Wednesday (March 23) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.The event will be held from... Read more »

Study: soap and water work best in ridding hands of disease viruses

  March 10, 2005 CHAPEL HILL – The largest, most comprehensive study ever done comparing the effectiveness of hand hygiene products shows that nothing works better in getting rid of disease-causing viruses than simply washing one’s hands with good old-fashioned soap and water.Among the viruses soapy hand washing flushes down the drain is the one... Read more »

Overweight now plaguing more women than underweight, even in poor nations

  March 08, 2005 CHAPEL HILL — In most countries, including developing nations, being overweight now afflicts more young women than being underweight, a new international study concludes.That pattern holds true even when comparing women from urban and rural areas, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study shows. The only exceptions remain in... Read more »