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In South, Hispanics pass blacks in deaths from injuries at work

October 07, 2004 CHAPEL HILL-For many years — probably centuries — black men in the South were more likely than whites or other races and ethnic groups in this country to die from accidents suffered while working.A new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study shows that that’s no longer true. Now, UNC researchers... Read more »

U.S. soft drink consumption grew 135% since 1977, boosting obesity

  September 16, 2004 CHAPEL HILL – One of the simpler ways to curtail the obesity epidemic could be to cut the volume of sweetened soft drinks and fruit drinks Americans are increasingly consuming, authors of new study say.The study, conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, showed that energy intake from... Read more »

Study finds youth in tobacco states

September 15, 2004 CHAPEL HILL — Contrary to what some policymakers, health professionals and others have thought, teens who live in tobacco-producing regions appear to be as responsive to ads designed to curb smoking by focusing on the tobacco industry as teens who live in other parts of the nation, a new study concludes.The study,... Read more »