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New study finds gene variant predisposes people to Type 2 diabetes and also low body weight

October 2, 2018 A new study finds that a well-known gene variant linked to Type 2 diabetes also may predispose a person to being leaner or having a lower body weight. The findings are striking, as many individuals with Type 2 diabetes are obese. The work is one of the first examinations of the gene in a very large, representative sample of diverse Hispanics and Latinos. Photo courtesy of Rutgers School of Nursing.

Breaking the link between obesity, gastrointestinal cancers

September 30, 2018 Previous studies have demonstrated a connection between obesity and a person’s risk of developing colon and other gastrointestinal cancers. Now, scientists are investigating approaches that can break that relationship. Dr. Steven Hursting has co-authored an extensive review of research establishing the biological links between obesity and various gastrointestinal cancers, and of studies showing how various weight-related interventions may help reverse this connection.

Gillings School researchers contribute to special issue of Journal of Interpersonal Violence

September 23, 2018 This fall, the Journal of Interpersonal Violence will publish a special issue, "Preventing violence: The role of public policies in preventing intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, and sexual violence." The issue features several articles by Gillings School researchers, including the commentary, "Leveraging Data to Strengthen Campus Sexual Assault Policies," published online Sept. 5. Photo by Ed Yourdon.

Lund leads PCORI-funded project to improve hybrid study designs

September 23, 2018 Dr. Jennifer Lund recently was awarded a $732,000 grant from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Lund serves as principal investigator for the project, "Enhancing hybrid study designs for comparative effectiveness research.” Photo by U.S. Army Africa.