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Research News

Four new Gillings Innovation Labs address pressing public health needs

March 23, 2009 The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health has announced funding for four new Gillings Innovation Laboratories, on topics as diverse as water and the environment, drug safety, statistical genomics, and 21st century public health teaching. All of these research projects have potential to benefit people across North Carolina and around the... Read more »

New Gillings Award promotes dialogue on population and development

  March 12, 2009 A new award from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health will convene some of the world’s leading scientists to evaluate the link between population and the achievement of key international development goals and objectives. Looking at these issues from a variety of angles... Read more »

Researchers issue HIV goal: drug-free remission

March 05, 2009 A group of leading academic and industry scientists has issued a challenge to researchers studying HIV/AIDS: find a way to effectively purge latent HIV infection and eliminate the need for chronic, suppressive therapy to control the disease.”The Challenge of a Cure for HIV Infection,” published in the March 6, 2009 issue of... Read more »

Long-term use of nutrient supplements may increase cancer risk

February 26, 2009 Dr. Jessie Satia Long-term use of beta carotene and some other carotenoid-containing dietary supplements may increase the risk of lung cancer, especially among smokers, according to a study led by Jessie Satia, PhD. The study, which also examined use of retinol, vitamin A, lycopene and lutein, appears in the February issue of... Read more »

Energy expenditure while playing video games

Deborah F. Tate, PhD, Assistant Professor, Departments of Health Behavior and Health Education, and Nutrition, is interested in how our behavior affects our health. Sedentary behavior is one of the main contributors to decreased energy expenditure and is a contributor to being overweight. “Screen time”, or time spent watching TV or playing video games, is... Read more »