Public Health Leadership Program News
Public Health Leadership Program News

¡A su salud!: introductory Spanish for health professionals

December 13, 2006 Dr. May Farnsworth A wardrobe truck sits at the entrance of the Ambulatory Care Center at UNC Hospitals. In the second-floor lobby, a makeup artist puts the finishing touches on an actor’s face; up in the thirdfloor pharmacy, movie lights and cameras move into position, people in headsets focus intently on their... Read more »

Preparing for pandemic influenza topic of public health broadcast

September 20, 2006 Public health experts predict that a new pandemic flu would impact every community and every citizen. On Sept. 29, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will examine how communities can prepare for pandemic influenza.The program, part of... Read more »

New course to teach beginning Spanish to U.S. health-care professionals

  July 28, 2006 Help is on the way for health-care workers who don’t know one word of Spanish but increasingly find themselves treating Latino patients. In North Carolina, a team of representatives from state government health agencies and higher education has started work on a language course designed especially for them: “!A su salud!... Read more »