Nutrition News
Nutrition News

Estrogen protects pregnant women from choline deficiency

August 17, 2007 Photograph of Dr. Steven Zeisel Young women are less likely than men or post-menopausal women to suffer liver or muscle damage from a deficiency of the nutrient choline, according to a new study led by Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD, Kenan Distinguished University professor of nutrition in the UNC School of Public... Read more »

Daniel A. Okun presents lecture at Duke

November 10, 2004 Daniel A. Okun, Kenan Professor of Environmental Engineering, Emeritus made a presentation for the Duke Institute for Learning in Retirement in their Science & Technology Lecture Series: Environmental Issues. November 2, 2004. Title: “Why Are More Than a Billion people in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Without Safe Drinking Water?”For further information... Read more »