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Mayer-Davis selected as member of 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

February 21, 2019
To ensure that America’s dietary guidance reflects the latest science, the U.S. secretaries of agriculture and health and human services have announced the appointment of 20 nationally recognized scientists to serve on the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Dr. Beth Mayer-Davis was one of the appointees.

Sugar-sweetened beverage purchases declined in two years after Mexican 'soda tax' passed

February 21, 2017 A new study by nutrition researchers Drs. Shu Wen Ng and Barry Popkin -- and their collaborators in Mexico -- found that Mexico's tax on sugary beverages caused the purchase of those beverages to decline during the second year of the tax. Earlier research had shown an immediate decrease in purchases in the tax's first year. The study is published in the journal Health Affairs.