When Chinese parents have to migrate for work, what happens to the children left behind?

March 13, 2020
Over the last several decades in China, millions of rural residents have migrated to urban areas for work. As parents migrate, they’ve left their young children behind with other family members in the countryside. A new study co-led by Dr. Sean Sylvia evaluates the effects of maternal migration on early childhood development outcomes.

New research could help caregivers identify exclusive breastfeeding challenges in the first week of life

March 11, 2020
While breastfeeding is recommended as the sole source of nutrition in the first six months of a baby's life, for some new moms, that is not always possible. Dr. Alison Stuebe and her research team have identified a set of clues that can help clinicians recognize in as early as the first week when feeding interventions and supplemental nutrition may be necessary.

Gower honored in Abu Dhabi as finalist for REACH award

March 9, 2020
Dr. Emily Gower was recently honored at the Recognizing Excellence Around Champions of Health (REACH) awards during the Reaching the Last Mile Forum in Abu Dhabi for her innovative work on trichiasis treatments.

Governments need rigorous and consistent standards to address environmental health for people who are displaced

March 6, 2020
Forcibly displaced people face a number of environmental health challenges that can vastly differ depending on the response by the countries that host them. New research from the Gillings School calls for a consistent and thorough set of standards that can address these challenges holistically.

5-year survival rates have improved — for some cancers — in adolescents and young adults

March 5, 2020
The 5-year survival rate for adolescents and young adults with cancer significantly improved from 1975 to 2005 in the United States overall, but this was not the case for all cancers.

Alcohol problems cost Baltimore more than $2 per drink

March 2, 2020
A new study models how cities can estimate the true cost of alcohol.

New research identifies low-cost options for reducing health impacts of air pollution

February 20, 2020
“The limitation with [the] traditional approach is that there are many possible control actions and technologies affecting emissions from many different sources, and it is impractical to sort through all the choices,” says Dr. Jason West. “Using a simpler model, we turned that approach around to essentially ask which emission reductions are most cost-effective for improving public health.”

For adults with multiple chronic conditions, there is room for improvement in engagement with patients and families

February 18, 2020
People with multiple chronic conditions often rely on support from family members when managing treatment and making health care decisions, but few documented medical interventions exist that focus on engaging both patients and their families.

Closing liquor stores in Baltimore residential neighborhoods could prevent 22 homicides, save $27.5M each year

February 13, 2020
In the wake of the implementation of TransForm Baltimore, which included provisions to remove liquor stores from Baltimore’s residential neighborhoods, new research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins University shows that closing 80 of these liquor stores could prevent 22 homicides and save $27.5 million each year.

Chilean policies reduce purchases of unhealthy beverages by 24%: the first national evaluation of the impact of a front-of-the-package food label law

February 11, 2020
Chile’s Law of Food Labeling and Advertising, implemented in 2016, was the first national regulation to jointly mandate front-of-package warning labels, restrict child-directed marketing, and ban the sale in schools of all foods and beverages containing added sugars, sodium or saturated fats exceeding set thresholds (also called “high-in” food and beverages).

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