Environmental Sciences and Engineering News

David Pinksy Named President of Tighe & Bond

April 19, 2006 Westfield, MA, April 19, 2006. – At the firm’s recent Board of Director’s Meeting, David Pinsky (MSENV, ’83) was elected President and Chairman of the Board of Tighe & Bond, a civil/environmental engineering and consulting firm headquartered here. Pinsky assumed the role from retiring Chairman of the Board and President David G…. Read more »

Anna Cressman – Final Oral Defense – 4/18/06

April 19, 2006 Anna Cressman presented her final oral defense of her Master’s Thesis on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 2:00 PM in 2101G McGavran-Greenberg (EPID conference room). Full details are as follows:THE DEVELOPMENT OF A SEMI-QUANTITATIVE DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR THE ESTIMATION OF MICROBIAL LOADING IN THE NEUSE WATERSHED USING GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS Decision… Read more »

David Shoaf – BSPH Honor’s thesis – April 11, 2006

April 11, 2006 David Shoaf presents his BSPH Honor’s thesis on April 11, at 0015 Michael Hooker Research Center. Full details of the defense follow.An Analysis of Monitoring Data for the Stage 1 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule Abstract The monitoring requirements for the Stage 1 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproduct Rule have provided the… Read more »

Jeffrey Deberardinis – Final Oral Defense – 3/30/06

April 05, 2006 Jeffrey Deberardinis presents his final oral defense on Thursday, March 30th at 3:00pm in 2304 McGavran-Greenberg. Full details follow.Nitrogen Mass Balance for Spray Fields Fertilized With Liquid Swine Waste (Under the direction of Dr. Stephen C. Whalen) The swine industry has expanded rapidly in North Carolina over the past decade. Animals are… Read more »

Maiysha Jones – Master’s Thesis final oral defense – 4/6/06

April 05, 2006 Maiysha Jones presents her Master’s Thesis final oral defense on Thursday, April 6th at 3:00pm in 331 Rosenau Hall. Full details follow.Effect of Incubation Conditions on the Enrichment of Pyrene Degrading Bacteria Identified By Stable Isotope Probing in a PAH Contaminated Soil Many high molecular weight PAH are known or suspected carcinogens… Read more »

ESE Students honored at Recognition Ceremony hosted by UNC Graduate School

March 30, 2006 Several ESE students who won awards, fellowships, and scholarships during the 2004-2005 academic calendar year will be honored on April 6, 2006 at a recognition ceremony hosted by the UNC Graduate School to be held at the Carolina Club/Alumni Center on campus. In addition, Alpha Epsilon Lambda honor society will induct new… Read more »

David Kim – Doctoral Dissertation Final Defense

March 30, 2006 David Kim presents his doctoral dissertation final defense on Friday, April 7th at 3:00p in 0001 Michael Hooker Research CenterToxicokinetic Models of Dermal Exposure to Jet Fuel (Under the direction of Leena A. Nylander-French) Abstract: Dermal exposures to Jet-Propulsion Fuel 8 (JP-8) are prevalent in the United States Air Force. Although a… Read more »

Latina leader Janet Murguìa to speak at School of Public Health commencement

March 30, 2006 Janet Murguìa National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguìa will speak at the 2006 Commencement Ceremony for the School of Public Health on Sunday, May 14, 2006, at 1 p.m. in the recently renovated Memorial Hall on campus. Immediately following the ceremony, graduates and their guests are invited to join the… Read more »

Boyer awarded AWWA’s 2006 Abel Wolman Doctoral Fellowship

March 23, 2006 Treavor Boyer (PhD, Singer Advisor) is the recipient of the American Water Works Association’s 2006 Abel Wolman Doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship was established to honor the legendary Dr. Abel Wolman and was designed to support promising students in the United States, Canada, and Mexico pursuing advanced training and research in the field… Read more »

Katie Bland – MSENV Technical Report Final Oral Defense

March 07, 2006 Katie Bland presents her final oral defense of her MSEE technical report on Wednesday, March 8th, at 9:30A.M in 2005 Michael Hooker Research Center. Full details are as follow:LORI-10 Personal Cascade Impactor: A Performance Evaluation (Under the direction of DAVID LEITH) Impactors have been used since 1860 to collect and analyze particles… Read more »