Brian L. Ramaley recipient of the 2004 Distinguished Alumnus Award

October 26, 2004
The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering is pleased to announce Mr. Brian L. Ramaley, Director of Newport News Waterworks, as the recipient of the ESE Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2004 and featured guest at the Department’s annual Fall Picnic held October 1, 2004. Mr. Ramaley (Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, ’79) has nearly 30 years’ experience in drinking water supply, treatment, and distribution systems. As director of the Newport News Waterworks, one of the largest drinking water utilities in Virginia, Mr. Ramaley manages a $69 million annual budget and more than 370 employees. A civil and environmental engineer by training, Mr. Ramaley has focused much of his career working with water treatment facilities, alternative water supply/treatment systems, and has conducted pilot scale investigations of alternative water treatment technologies. He has worked in staff and management positions as a consultant as well as with large municipal water and wastewater organizations. He has directed raw water source selection studies, water distribution system analyses, water quality studies, rate studies, corrosion control investigations, treatment plant rehabilitation projects, preliminary design, detailed design and construction supervision of water treatment plants, pipelines, and other water supply projects.Mr. Ramaley is involved in many activities, both locally and nationally. His public sector involvement includes serving as a manager with the cities of Newport News, Virginia, and Durham, North Carolina. His international experience includes working as a consultant with the international firm James M. Montgomery, Consulting Engineers, Inc. (now known as MWH). Mr. Ramaley takes an active interest in regulatory affairs and worked with EPA, environmental organizations, state regulators and many others to develop new drinking water regulations, both in a regulatory negotiation process and as a member of EPA’s Federal Advisory Committee for microbial contaminants and disinfection byproducts. Since January 2001, he has served as Chair of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Advisory Group for the Nation’s water sector, as defined under Presidential Decision Directive 63. In this role, Mr. Ramaley has helped organize, coordinate and review various programs and projects aimed at making the water supply community more secure from attack. For the past two years, Mr. Ramaley has worked with stakeholders from Virginia to develop a framework for water policy development as a member of the Water Policy Technical Advisory Committee.

Mr. Ramaley has received awards from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies and has held leadership positions in professional associations and at the federal level.

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