The Biostatistics Computer Lab is equipped with 8 computers and 4 desks and a black and white printer. The computer lab is only available to Biostatistics students who are in a degree program. Below is a list of the resources with specifications available in this lab.

Location: 3rd Floor McGavran-Greenberg, Room 3107

Telephone: (919) 962-7287

Wireless: Wireless access is available

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, After hours requires a key to access this lab

Hardware: 8 IBM Desktops with LCD’s, 3.06Ghz Intel Processors, 1GB RAM, 80GB Hard Drive

Statistical Software: ArcGIS, Cluster, D-Chip, DMBS, Gene Pix Pro, Map Manager QTX, Mathematica, Matlab, NCSS Probability Calculator, jQuery, R, S-Plus, SAGE, SAS, SAS Callable for SUDAAN, Stata, StatXact, SUDAAN, Winbugs

General Software: EXP, Ghost View, Office 2003, MikTeX, Quick Time, TeXNicCenter, Tinn-R, WinEdt, Visual Studio

Internet Software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, WS_FTP, SSH Client, X-Win43