Bios Announces the 2007 Student and Alumni Award Recipients


Dr. F. Dubois Bowman , PhD (2000), was the 2007 recipient of the James E. Grizzle Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Michael R. Kosorok, Chair and Professor, presented Dr. Bowman this award at the Bios Alumni Day held on Monday, April 14, 2008. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at Emory University. Dr. Bowman presented a lecture following the awards ceremony titled “A Look into the Human Brain: Neural Processing Representations of Behavior and Disease.”


The following faculty, students and alumni also received awards:

Ms. Allison Deal, MS 2007: Regina C. Elandt-Johnson Master’s Paper Award

Ms. Hana Lee: The Max Halperin Scholarship for excellence in graduate studies

Dr. Jonathan Gelfond, Ph.D. 2007: The Kupper Dissertation Publication Award for 2008 and Barry H. Margolin dissertation award

Dr. Jianwen Cai – Delta Omega Faculty Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Teaching, and Research

Jamie Perin – Delta Omega Book Award for Outstanding Scholarship

Dr. Limin Clegg – Delta Omega Alumni Award

Annie Green Howard – Delta Omega Service Award

Dr. Bevan Huang and Dr. John Kairalla – Delta Omega Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for Graduating Students

Victoria Ding – Delta Omega Undergraduate Award

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