May 16, 2006
Dr. Doug Schaubel, Ph.D. 2002, is the 2005 recipient of the James E. Grizzle Distinguished Alumni Award. Dr. Jianwen Cai, Interim Biostatistics Chair and Professor, presented Dr. Schaubel with this award at the Bios Alumni Day held on Monday, April 3, 2006. Dr. Schaubel presented a lecture following the awards ceremony titled “Sequential Stratification Methods for Estimating the Effect of a Time-Dependent Experimental Treatment in Observational Studies.” The following students also received awards:Ms. Sarah Stargel – Delta Omega Undergraduate Award of Excellence

Mr. Dong Ming Lin and Mr. Andrew Sterrett – Delta Omega, Theta Chapter

Ms. Annie Green Howard – Delta Omega Book Award

Ms. Yeonseung Chung – Best Master’s Paper Award for “Zoom in Designs for Dose Finding in Oncology” – Advisor: Dr. Anastasia Ivanova

Dr. Zhiying “Jean” Pan – Kupper Dissertation Publication Award for “Regression Analysis for Complex Longitudinal Survey Data” – Advisor: Dr. Danyu Lin

Dr. Guoqing Diao – Barry H. Margolin Dissertation Award for “Semiparametric Models for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci in Experimental Designs and Human Pedigrees – Advisor: Dr. Danyu Lin

Fellowship and scholarship recipients previously recognized and mentioned at the ceremony were Ms. Yijuan Hu, Fryer Award; Ms. Che Smith, GlaxoSmithKline Scholarship; Mr. Seungguen Lee, Greenberg Scholarship; Mr. Riten Mitra, Mohberg Award; and Mr. Vonn Walter, David and Lucy Hardison Scholarship.

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