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PHLP: (MPH Residential)

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You may apply for fall 2017 admission between 9/1/2017 - 1/02/2018. See application details page for more info.


1-0-0-0 118644 (sec) (You will need to complete two applications (and pay related fees) to both SOPHAS and UNC ApplyYourself.)


Application Deadline: February 2, 2018    |    Fee: $135.00+    |    Step Link
  1. 2-1-0-0 118646 (prim)

    2-1-0-0 118646 (sec) See program details in GPS for requirements such as prequisites, prior degree, work experience, any test score waivers, as well as a tuition estimate and program overview.

    2-1-1 118647 (sec) Once your application is submitted, it will be verified by SOPHAS. You will receive an email from UNC soon thereafter prompting you to complete the Graduate School application. Components of the SOPHAS application will be exported to the Graduate School application system, but you will still be asked to answer residency and honor code questions, and upload an unofficial copy of your transcript(s). UNC will have access to your SOPHAS application at the time you submit. However your application will not be reviewed until you've completed both SOPHAS and Graduate School applications.

  2. 2-2-0-0 118650 (prim)

    2-2-3-0 118653 (sec) If you are admitted and choose to enroll at UNC Gillings, you will be asked for an official transcript showing degree awarded. International applicants need to have a WES-evaluated transcript for upload via SOPHAS, but a WES-evaluated transcript is not an acceptable substitute for an official transcript according to UNC.

  3. 2-4-0-0 118661 (prim)

    1. 2-4-15-68 118747 (sec) Describe your past and present public health experience.
    2. 2-4-15-69 118748 (sec) What experiences have led you to an interest in public/population health?
    3. 2-4-15-70 118749 (sec) How do you anticipate applying what you learn in the program to your future work?
    4. 2-4-15-71 118750 (sec) How do you believe this degree will help you meet your career goals?

  4. 2-6-0-0 118778 (prim)

    1. 2-6-1-3 118782 (sec) 3 (academic and/or professional; academic preferred)

  5. 2-8-0-0 118793 (prim)

    2-8-0-0 118793 (sec) (GRE code 0311 routes to both SOPHAS and UNC. You will need to make two requests for TOEFL/IELTS scores to be sent to SOPHAS and UNC. Code 5688 routes to SOPHAS only,  and code 5816 routes to UNC.)

    GRE test scores must be official and reported directly by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). By selecting the UNC-Chapel Hill SOPHAS code, your GRE scores will be transmitted to SOPHAS and UNC. They must be no more than five years old (to the month) at time of request, or ETS will not send. TOEFL/IELTS scores must be no more than two years old.

  6. 2-9-0-0 118794 (prim)
  7. (prim)
  8. 2-11-0-0 118797 (prim)

    2-11-0-0 118797 (sec) Applicants should check the SOPHAS portal to ensure that all required documents have been received by SOPHAS.

  9. 2-12 118798 (prim)
  10. 2-13 118799 (prim)


Application Deadline: February 13, 2018    |    Fee: $87.50    |    Step Link
  1. 3-1-0-0 118801 (prim)

    3-1-0-0 118801 (sec) See program details in GPS for requirements such as prequisites, prior degree, work experience, any test score waivers, as well as a tuition estimate and program overview.

    3-1-1 118802 (sec) Once a recommendation is finalized, you will receive notice via email from the UNC Graduate School. Throughout the process, most of your questions can be answered by your program contact.

  2. 3-16-0-0 118986 (prim)


  1. 6-1-0-0 119069 (prim)
  2. 6-2-0-0 119070 (prim)
  3. 6-3 119071 (prim)
  4. 6-6-0-0 119074 (prim)


  1. 7-1-0-0 119085 (prim)

    1. 7-1-1-1 119087 (sec) No interview required.

    7-1-5 119117 (sec) UNC Gillings will not render a decision unless you have completed BOTH the SOPHAS and UNC Graduate School applications.

  2. 7-2-0-0 119119 (prim)
  3. 7-3-0-0 119126 (prim)
The Gillings Program Search is a tool for exploring academic programs at the School. It is a prospectus for the current year to be used in consultation with an academic adviser and does not constitute the complete degree or program requirements for graduation or program completion.

Program Contact:

Cindy Feltner
Director HC&P; Assistant Professor, Associate Director, RTI-UNC Evidence-based Practice Center
(919) 445-6783
5034 Old Clinic Building CB #7110 Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Sue Tolleson-Rinehart
Adj. Associate Professor; Assoc. Dir-HC&P
(919) 843-9477
319C MacNider
CB 7220
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7220