Dr. Bernard Greenberg

Dr. Bernard Greenberg

The Bernard G. Greenberg Alumni Endowment Award was established in 1986 by the School’s Alumni Association in honor of Bernard Greenberg, PhD, a visionary leader who founded the Department of Biostatistics in 1949 which he led for more than 20 years before going on to serve as dean of the School of Public Health from 1972-1982. The award is presented to an outstanding full-time faculty member of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health for excellence in the areas of teaching, research and service.

The major criterion for the award is continuous demonstrated excellence over a number of years in service to the broad public health community. The award is intended for a mid-career faculty member as an incentive for continued excellence in these three areas. The award includes a cash prize of $14,000 annually for three years.

* Mid-career can be defined as a faculty member who is 10–20 years post-graduate school, at the associate professor level or in the first 10 years of being a full professor.

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Application Process

Nominations for the 2024 Greenberg Award are now closed. Please check back for 2025 nomination dates and deadlines.
Requirements include:

  • Nomination statement or letter
  • Nominee’s CV or resume
  • At least three letters of recommendation (but no more than five). If you upload a nomination letter, this can count as one of the letters of recommendation.

Past winners of major school awards are not eligible. In addition to the Greenberg Award, other major school awards for faculty are the John E. Larsh Jr. Award for Mentorship and the Edward G. McGavran Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Recipients of the Greenberg Award

2024 – Joe Brown, PhD, PE (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2023 – Jason West, PhD (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2022 – Clare Barrington (Health Behavior)

2021 – Catherine Sullivan (Maternal and Child Health) and Stephanie B. Wheeler (Health Policy and Management)

2020 – Todd Schwartz (Biostatistics)

2019 – Jill Stewart (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2018 – Amanda S. Holliday (Nutrition)

2017 – Suzanne Maman (Health Behavior)

2016 – Margaret E. Bentley (Nutrition)

2015 – Sandra L. Martin (Maternal and Child Health)

2014 – David Jay Weber (Epidemiology)

2013 – Steven Zeisel (Nutrition)

2012 – Gary G. Koch (Biostatistics)

2011 – William N. Zelman (Health Policy and Management)

2010 – James A. Swenberg (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2009 – Anita M. Farel (Maternal and Child Health)

2008 – David Leith (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2007 – Susan T. Ennett (Health Behavior)

2006 – Vangie Foshee (Health Behavior)

2005 – Jonathan Kotch (Maternal and Child Health)

2004 – Steven Wing (Epidemiology)

2003 – Harvey E. Jeffries (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2002 – Mark D. Sobsey (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

2001 – Eugenia Eng (Health Behavior)

2000 – Alice Ammerman (Nutrition)

1999 – Amy Tsui (Maternal and Child Health)

1998 – Gerardo Heiss (Epidemiology)

1997 – Philip Singer (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

1996 – Jo Anne Earp (Health Behavior)

1995 – R. Gary Rozier (Health Policy and Administration)

1994 – Janice Dodds (Nutrition)

1993 – Clarence (Ed) Davis (Biostatistics)

1992 – Barry Popkin (Nutrition)

1991 – Arnold Kaluzny (Health Policy and Administration)

1990 – Larry Kupper (Biostatistics)

1989 – Herman Tyroler (Epidemiology)

1988 – James Watson, Jr. (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)

1987 – Earl Siegel (Maternal and Child Health)

1986 – Norm Weatherly (Parasitology and Laboratory Practice)

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