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Vijaya Hogan, DrPH

Vijaya Hogan, DrPH

Adjunct Professor
Department of Maternal and Child Health

Representative Courses

Understanding and Addressing Health Inequities in the US (MCH 756)

Research Activities

Perinatal epidemiology
Preterm delivery
Infant mortality
Health disparities
Pathways from exogenous social exposures
Psychosocial factors to disease

Key Publications

Race/skin color differentials in potential years of life lost due to external causes. Tânia Araújo, Edna Araújo, Maria Costa, Vijaya Hogan, Eduardo Mota, Nelson Oliveira (2009). Revista de Saude Publica, 43(3), 405-412.

What's the 411? Assessing the feasibility of providing African American adolescents with HIV/AIDS prevention education in a faith-based setting. Jessica Cance, Shelley Francis, Vijaya Hogan, Wendy Lam (2009). Journal of Religion and Health, 48(2), 164-177.

The clinical content of preconception care: infectious diseases in preconception care. et al., Kim Boggess, Robert Cefalo, Jeanne Conry, Dean Coonrod, Shanna Cox, Anne Dunlop, Ronald Gibbs, Vijaya Hogan, Lisa Hollier, Kam Hunter, Brian Jack, Michael Lu, Mona Prasad, Phillip Stubblefield (2008). American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 199(6), S296-S309.

Concept mapping as a tool to engage a community in health disparity identification. Beneta Burt, Cassandra Dove, Vijaya Hogan, Mary Kane, Marinelle Payton, Debra Risisky (2008). Ethnicity and Disease, 18(1), 77-83.

Relative performance of three methods for diagnosing bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. Kathy Agnew, Jennifer Culhane, Jane Hitti, Vijaya Hogan, Kelly McCollum, Virginia Rauh (2007). Maternal and Child Health Journal, 11(6), 532-539.


DrPH, Maternal and Child Health, UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health, 1994

MPH, Maternal and Child Health, UNC, 1988

BA, Nutrition, Hampshire College, 1985

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