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Tanvi Shah, MBBS, DA

Tanvi Shah, MBBS, DA

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Public Health Leadership Program

Tanvi Shah is an experienced healthcare provider with a focus on Global Health work, creating programs and health interventions, conducting monitoring and evaluation of health care systems to provide quality improvement of services, and bringing about a systems change by community engagement to achieve improved outcomes for underserved communities and displaced populations. Dr. Shah has extensive knowledge and experience in delivering healthcare in a low-income country. She has expertise in leadership, monitoring and evaluation, quality improvement and project management. Dr.Shah's ten years of experience as a medical doctor in India with her public experience gives her a unique perspective to tackle the challenges facing today's healthcare systems with team leadership, decisiveness, composure and ability to learn and grow.

Honors and Awards

Scholarship in Public Health

2020, Association of North Carolina Boards of Health (ANCBH) Vaughn Upshaw

Department Award

Fall 2018-Spring 2020, UNC Gillings

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded grant

2019, UNC Chapel Hill - Supporting Maternal Health Innovation Program

Academic Excellence in Second Year of Medical School

2006, Sir J. R. D. Tata Scholarship

Key Publications

Building front line leadership to strengthen quality of care: Experiences from The Obstetric Triage Implementation Program (OTIP) in Ghana. T. Shah, R. Ramaswamy, M. Owen, F. Bryce, C. Williams, S. Bogdewic, C. Tetteh, M. E. Ashinyo, S. K. Akoriyea, S. Deganus (2020). Consortium of Universities of Global Health (CUGH).

Anesthetic Management of a parturient with dengue hemorrhagic fever, severe PIH, frank HELLP syndrome and Gestational diabetes for emergency LSCS. Shah T, Kasodekar S, Goyal M (2016). AOAMASCON, Mumbai.

Successful outcome in a multigravida parturient with spontaneous uterocervical rupture in an unscarred uterus. Shah T, Goyal M (2016). AOA-MASCON.

Patient led identification of the midline of the lumbar spine compared with ultrasound imaging in morbidly obese patients and the impact of anxiety. Shah T, Dhansura T, Tarawade U (2017). European Society of Regional Anaesthesia.


MPH, Leadership in Practice with certificate in Global Health and Quality Improvement, University of North Carolina, 2020

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