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Steven Meshnick, MD, PhD

Steven Meshnick, MD, PhD

Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Epidemiology
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • 3301 Michael Hooker Research Center
  • CB #7435
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • USA

Dr. Steve Meshnick has worked on tropical infectious diseases, especially malaria, for over 30 years and has produced more than 300 scientific publications on them. He has a long-standing commitment to training and capacity-building and has been the primary mentor for 32 doctoral students and for eight post-docs, including many from developing countries.

His research group has studied a variety of aspects of malaria, including: drug resistance, pathogenesis, prevention, spatial epidemiology and population genetics, with a focus on how malaria affects pregnant women. The group also works on the epidemiology and prevention of tick-borne diseases. The goal is to integrate laboratory and field research to develop better tools for infectious disease prevention and control.

Key Publications

Long-lasting permethrin impregnated uniforms: A randomized-controlled trial for tick bite prevention. Charles Apperson, C Apperson, Jason Fine, J Fine, Sheana Funkhouser, S Funkhouser, Jonathan Juliano, J Juliano, Feng-Chang Lin, F Lin, Steven Meshnick, S Meshnick, Meagan Vaughn, M Vaughn (2014). American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 46(5), 473-480.
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Genetic evidence of importation of drug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum to Guatemala from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Michael Emch, Luis Gonzalez, Mark Janko, Patricia Juliao, Kim Lindblade, Steven Meshnick, Lucia Ortiz, Norma Padilla, Christian Parobek, Jaymin Patel, Steve Taylor, Antoinette Tshefu, Venkatachalam Udhayakumar (2014). Emerging Infectious Diseases, 20(6), 932-940.
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The role of submicroscopic parasitemia in malaria transmission: what is the evidence? Jessica Lin, Steven Meshnick, David Saunders (2014). Trends in Parasitology.
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A cohort study of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in pregnancy and associations with uteroplacental blood flow and fetal anthropometrics in Kenya. Arlene Dent, Robert Goldenberg, Michael Hudgens, Christopher King, Noam Lazebnik, Elizabeth McClure, Steven Meshnick, Peter Mungai, Anna-Maria Siega-Riz (2014). International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
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Variation in the Microbiota of Ixodes Ticks with Regard to Geography, Species, and Sex. Van Treuren W, Ponnusamy L, Brinkerhoff RJ, Gonzalez A, Parobek CM, Juliano JJ, Andreadis TG, Falco RC, Ziegler LB, Hathaway N, Keeler C, Emch M, Bailey JA, Roe RM, Apperson CS, Knight R, Meshnick SR. (2015). Appl Environ Microbiol., 81(14), 6200-9.
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MD, Medicine, Cornell University, 1979

PhD, Medical Biochemistry, Rockefeller University, 1978

BA, Biochemistry, Columbia College, 1972

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