Rachel Casper

Rachel A. Caspar, MA

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Health Policy and Management


Rachel A. Caspar directs RTI’s Center for Survey Methodology, which includes a staff of 26 survey methodologists, survey directors, language methodologists, and data analysts. She conducts methodological research to investigate ways to improve data quality and reduce respondent burden within monetary and schedule constraints of the project. She specializes in designing questionnaires and developing data collection procedures for surveys on sensitive topics and is highly skilled in adapting complex material and concepts to be easily and consistently understood by survey participants of all ages, educational levels, and cultural backgrounds.

Ms. Caspar’s methodological research is broad based, focusing on survey methods for capturing data on sensitive topics, questionnaire evaluation and testing, designing and implementing computer-assisted self-interview instruments, and issues of cross-cultural comparability in survey research. Ms. Caspar serves as the chair of one of RTI’s three institutional review boards. She teaches courses in questionnaire design, evaluation, and testing.


  • BA, Sociology, Oberlin College, 1986
  • MA, Applied Social Research, University of Michigan, 1988