Louise Ball

Louise Margaret Ball, PhD

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
158 Rosenau Hall
CB# 7431
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Representative Courses

ENVR 430, ENVR 600, ENVR 431, ENVR 230

Research Activities

Exposure and Health

Metabolic transformations undergone by chemicals in the body (xenobiotic metabolism) and the reactions between chemicals and cellular macromolecules that lead to DNA and protein modification.

Specifically: air pollutants (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their substituted derivatives), occupational hazards (diisocyanates), drinking water disinfectants and their by-products, and agents that generate reactive oxygen species.

Key Publications

Iminohydantoin lesion induced in DNA by peracids and other epoxidizing oxidants. et al., Louise Ball, Gunnar Boysen, Diana Degen, Nedyalka Dicheva, Avram Gold, K. Jayaraj, Karl Koshlap, Viorel Mocanu, Carol Parker, R. Sangaiah, Roel Schaaper, Kenneth Tomer, Jason Williams, Wenjie Ye (2009). Journal of the American Chemical Society, 131(17), 6114-6123.

Oxidative mutagenicity of polar fractions from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. Michael Aitken, Louise Ball, Joanna Park, Stephen Richardson, Hong-B.O. Zhu (2008). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 27(11), 2207-2215.

A 2-iminohydantoin from the oxidation of guanine. Louise Ball, Gunnar Boysen, Diana Degen, Avram Gold, K. Jayaraj, Karl Koshlap, R. Sangaiah, Kenneth Tomer, Jason Williams, Wenjie Ye (2006). Chemical Research in Toxicology, 19(4), 506-510.

Identification and quantification of uncultivated Proteobacteria associated with pyrene degradation in a bioreactor treating PAH-contaminated soil. Michael Aitken, Louise Ball, Avram Gold, Ramiah Sangaiah, David Singleton (2006). Environmental Microbiology, 8(10), 1736-1745.

The fate of saccharin impurities. The excretion and metabolism of [14C]toluene-4-sulphonamide and 4-sulphamoyl[14C]benzoic acid in the rat. L.M. Ball, A.G. Renwick, R.T. Williams (1978). Xenobiotica, 8(3), 183-190.


  • PhD, Biochemistry, St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of London, England, 1976
  • BSc, Biochemistry, University of Bristol, 1972