Lisa Shifflett, RN, CCHC-C

Clinical Research Specialist
Department of Maternal and Child Health
Child Care Health Consultant Coach
NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center
5601 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh NC 27609


Lisa Shifflett is a regional child care health consultant coach with 27 years experience working in early care and education. Shifflett also is a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in health, safety and nutrition as it relates to this field. She focuses her expertise on improving the quality of early care in licensed child care programs in North Carolina.

As a child care health consultant, Shifflett is knowledgeable about current rules and regulations and health and safety guidelines for child care providers. She has been successful in creating safe and healthy early care environments with lower staff turnover rates by providing ongoing support and guidance, resulting in a more stable and reliable environment for children enrolled in early care. A native of Youngsville, N.C., she has served as a child care health consultant since 2009.

Teaching Interests

Shifflett is a trainer for early care and education providers in the areas of: 
     - Emergency Preparedness and Response in Child Care
     - Administration of Medication in Child Care
     - Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep and SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care
     - Allergies, Anaphylaxis and Emergency Treatment in Child Care
     - Health and Safety Training

Staff/Administrative Duties

As a regional child care health consultant coach, Shifflett serves as the primary source when licensed child care facilities have any health and safety needs or questions. She provides leadership in the assessment and development of child care health services in North Carolina, delivers consultation and technical assistance, provides training and educational materials, and conducts health and safety assessments.