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Kavita Singh Ongechi, PhD

Associate Professor Department of Maternal and Child Health
Faculty Fellow Carolina Population Center
Senior Technical Advisor for Maternal and Child Health MEASURE Evaluation Project

T:(919) 843-5920

F:(919) 966-2391


429 Rosenau Hall

CB #7445

Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Dr. Singh’s main areas of interests are the evaluation of maternal and child health and HIV prevention programs. She is interested in research focused on reaching the most vulnerable groups (including the poorest, displaced populations, orphans and stigmatized groups) with interventions. 

 Dr. Singh is the lead PI for the external evaluation of a quality improvement project in Ethiopia, which is focused on improving maternal and newborn health. The evaluation will include impact and cost-effectiveness analyses as well as qualitative assessments. She is also an evaluator for the Safe Motherhood Initiative Project in Malawi which is focused on the promotion of Maternity Waiting Homes for women who live far from a health facility. Dr. Singh’s work also includes evaluating interventions intended to improve newborn survival.

Honors and Awards

Carolina Women's Center Faculty Scholar
2016-2017, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carolina Population Center Summer in Residence

Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society

Humphrey Fellows Teaching Excellence Award

Representative Courses

Global Maternal and Child Health (MHCH 722) | Syllabus

Research Activities
Evaluation of maternal and child health interventions

Reaching vulnerable individuals with interventions
Service Activities

MCH Doctoral Committee

CPC Training Committee

MPH Core Implementation and Evaluation Committee

Practice Activities

Program evaluations

Key Publications

Investments in children's health and the Kenyan cash transfer for orphans and vulnerable children: evidence from an unconditional cash transfer scheme. C Huang, K Singh, S Handa, C Halpern, A Pettifor, H Thirumurthy (2017). Health policy and planning.

Deconstructing male involvement: A qualitative analysis of o bstetri c complication r eferrals in Rural Ghana. . W Story, C Barrington, C Fordham, S Sodzi-Tettey, P Barker, K Singh (2017). nternational Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Can a Quality Improvement Project Impact Maternal and Child Health Outcomes at Scale in Ghana? Singh K, Brodish P, Speizer I, Barker P, Amenga-Etego I, Dasoberi I, Kanyoke E, Boadu E, Yabang E, Sodzi-Tettey S (2016). Health Policy Research and Systems, 14.

Institutional maternal and perinatal deaths: a review of 40 low and middle income countries. P Bailey, W Andualem, M Brun, L Freedman, S Gbangbade, M Kante, E Keyes, E Libamba, A Moran, H Mouniri, D El Joud, K Singh (2017). BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 17(1), 295.

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A multilevel analysis of the effect of Malawi's Social Cash Transfer Pilot Scheme on school-age children's health. Sudhanshu Handa, Winnie Luseno, Kavita Singh, Chirayath Suchindran (2014). Health Policy and Planning, 29(4), 421-432.

A Regional Multilevel Analysis: Can Skilled Birth Attendants Uniformly Decrease Neonatal Mortality? Singh K, Brodish P, Suchindran C (2014). Maternal and Child Health Journal, 18(1), 242-9.

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The importance of skin-to-skin contact for early initiation of breastfeeding in Nigeria and Bangladesh. K Singh, S Khan, L Carvajal-Aguirre, P Brodish, A Amouzou, A Moran (2017). Journal of global health, 7(2), 020505.

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The State of Essential Newborn Care by Delivery Location in Bangladesh. E Kim, K Singh (2017). Maternal and child health journal, 21(11), 2078-2085.


PhD, Population Dynamics (minor in Epidemiology), The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Hygiene and Public Health, 2002

MPH, Maternal and Child Health, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, 1997

BA, Biology, Cornell University, 1996