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Josephine Asafu-Adjei, PhD

Josephine Asafu-Adjei, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Biostatistics
Research Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
  • 3104-E McGavran-Greenberg Hall
  • CB #7420
  • Chapel Hill, NC 27599
  • USA

Dr. Josephine Asafu-Adjei is a research assistant professor with more than seven years of experience as a statistical researcher, who specializes in developing and implementing statistical methods in studies geared towards nursing, public health and neuroscience research.

Dr. Asafu-Adjei focuses her expertise on developing variable selection methods that will improve selection accuracy in studies utilizing matched case-control designs.

As a Research Fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Dr. Asafu-Adjei was responsible for both creating and implementing variable selection techniques with direct applications to studies in neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disease research. She also developed a pseudo-likelihood approach to Bayesian classification methods with applications to high dimensional data sets.

Honors and Awards

Yerby Postdoctoral Fellowship

2011-2013, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Student of the Year

2011, American Statistical Association, Pittsburgh Chapter

Best Senior Graduate Student of the Year

2009, Department of Statistics, University of Pittsburgh

Best Junior Graduate Student of the Year

2007, Department of Statistics

K. Leroy Irvis Fellowship

2005-2006, Department of Statistics


2004, Phi Beta Kappa Society

Conney M. Kimbo Award


Helen Faison Scholarship


Research Activities

Research activities
Developing variable selection and classification techniques for matched and/or high dimensional, low sample size (HDLSS) data, including Bayesian variable selection methods, Bayesian classification, discriminant analysis, classification and regression trees, and Random Forests; biomarker analysis. Research funding includes NINDS 5F32NS081904-02 (PI) and collaborative work in psychiatry, neuroscience, and cardiovascular disease research.

Research interests
    Cardiovascular disease

Key Publications

Adjusting for Matching and Covariates in Linear Discriminant Analysis. Asafu-Adjei JK, Sampson AR, Sweet RA, and Lewis DA (2013). Biostatistics, 14(4), 779-791.

Intracortical excitatory and thalamocortical boutons are intact in primary auditory cortex in schizophrenia. Moyer CE, Delevich KM, Fish KN, Asafu-Adjei JK, Sampson AR, Dorph-Petersen KA, Lewis DA, and Sweet RA (2013). Schizophrenia Research, 149(1-3), 127-134.

Reduced Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase-65 Protein within Inhibitory Boutons in Primary Auditory Cortex of Subjects with Schizophrenia. Moyer CE, Delevich KM, Fish KN, Asafu-Adjei JK, Sampson AR, Dorph-Petersen KA, Lewis DA, and Sweet RA (2012). Biological Psychiatry, 72(9), 734-743.


PhD, Statistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2011

MA, Applied Statistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2007

BS, Applied Statistics, University of Pittsburgh, 2004

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