Howard Weinberg

Howard Weinberg, PhD

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Honors and Awards

Adjunct Professor
2011, Duke University

Kenan Sabbatical Leave
2011, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Honorary Associate Professor
2011, University of Queensland

Key Publications

Concentration, chlorination, and chemical analysis of drinking water for disinfection byproduct mixtures health effects research: U.S. EPAs four lab study. et al., Nathalie Bodin, Russell Chinn, E. III, Stuart Krasner, Chih-Fen Lee, Anthony McDonald, A. McKague, Richard Miltner, Michael Narotsky, Christopher Parrett, Shahid Parvez, Jonathan Pressman, Glenn Rice, Susan Richardson, Jane Simmons, Thomas Speth, Linda Teuschler, Howard Weinberg (2010). Environmental Science and Technology, 44(19), 7184-7192.

The impact of co-contaminants and septic system effluent quality on the transport of estrogens and nonylphenols through soil. Aziz Amoozegar, Benjamin Stanford, Howard Weinberg (2010). Water Research, 44(5), 1598-1606.

Meeting report: Pharmaceuticals in water-an interdisciplinary approach to a public health challenge. Sara Rodriguez-Moza, Howard Weinberg (2010). Environmental Health Perspectives, 118(7), 1016-1020.

Use of ion chromatography with post-column reaction for the measurement of tribromide to evaluate bromate levels in drinking water. Carrie Delcomyn, Philip Singer, Howard Weinberg (2001). Journal of Chromatography A, 920(1), 213-219.


  • PhD, Environmental Sciences, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 1989
  • MSc, Environmental Sciences, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, 1982
  • BSc, Applied Sciences, Brighton Polytechnic, 1978