Haley Garrett

Haley Garrett, BS

Research Specialist
Department of Epidemiology
Research Specialist
UNC School of Medicine


Haley Garrett is a research specialist with both the Department of Epidemiology and the School of Medicine. Garrett started working at the Gillings School in 2019, and for the past year she has been conducting COVID-19 research with the IDEEL lab and the Aiello Research Group.

Key Publications

SARS-CoV-2 infection in central North Carolina: Protocol for a population-based longitudinal cohort study and preliminary participant results. Miller EM, Law EA, Ajeen R, Karasik J, Mendoza C, Abernathy H, et al. (2021). PLoS ONE, 16(10), e0259070.
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SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Healthcare Personnel and Their Household Contacts at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center: Protocol for a Longitudinal Cohort Study. Ciccone EJ, Zivich PN, Lodge EK, Zhu D, Law E, Miller E, Taylor JL, Chung S, Xu J, Volfovsky A, Beatty C, Abernathy H, King E, Garrett HE, Markmann AJ, Rebuli ME, Sellers S, Weber DJ, Reyes R, Alavian N, Juliano JJ, Boyce RM, Aiello AE (2021). JMIR Research Protocols, 10(4).
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SARS-CoV-2 seropositivity after infection and antibody response to mRNA-based vaccination. Ciccone EJ, Zhu DR, Ajeen R, Shook-Sa BE, Boyce RM, Aiello AE, the COVID HCP Study Team (2021). medRxiv.
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  • BS, Biology, Young Harris College, 2019