Dr. Angela Parcesepe

Angela Parcesepe, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Maternal and Child Health
427 Rosenau Hall, CB #7445, Chapel Hill NC 27599-7445


Dr. Parcesepe is trained in epidemiology and social work with a research focus on the intersection of violence, mental and substance use disorders, and HIV prevention and treatment across global settings. Her current work examines the impact of mental and substance abuse disorders on HIV treatment outcomes in the context of universal test and treat strategies in low-resource settings. She also is engaged in identifying promising strategies for integrating and scaling evidence-based mental health interventions into HIV care programs. Dr. Parcesepe currently serves as Chair of the Mental Health Working Group for the International Epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Consortium. Her implementation science experience focuses on understanding the interrelationships between mental health, gender inequality and HIV care and treatment, the impact of alcohol harm reduction on violence and HIV sexual risk behaviors, and the provision of integrated mental health and HIV care in low-resource settings.

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Honors and Awards

Excellence in Abstract Submission, Honorable Mention
2016, American Public Health Association, Women's Caucus

Population and Family Health Award for Academic Excellence
2009, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Representative Courses

MHCH 801: Doctoral Seminar

Research Activities

Principal Investigator, Understanding and addressing mental and substance use disorders among people living with HIV in low-resource settings

Service Activities

2017-present  MPH Program Committee

2016-present  IeDEA Mental Health Working Group

Practice Activities

Capacity to screen and treat mental health and substance use disorders at HIV treatment sites in low- and middle-income countries. 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science (2017)

Answering pressing global mental health questions with large-scale population cohorts & data integration (Panelist). National Institute of Mental Health Global Mental Health Workshop: Transformative Opportunities for Solving the Grand Challenges in Global Mental Health (2017)

Key Publications

Nash Gender, Mental Health, and Entry into Care with Advanced HIV among People Living with HIV in Cameroon under a National ‘Treat All’ Policy. Parcesepe A.M., L. Filiatreau, P.V. Ebasone, A. Dzudie, R. Ajeh, M. Wainberg, B. Pence, E. Pefura-Yone, M. Yotebieng, D. Nsame, K. Anastos, D. (2021). AIDS and Behavior.
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Correlates of Self-Reported History of Mental Health Help-Seeking among Individuals with Symptoms of a Mental or Substance use Disorder Initiating Care for HIV in Cameroon. †*Filiatreau L., P.V. Ebasone, A. Dzudie, R. Ajeh, B. Pence, M. Wainberg, D. Nash, M. Yotebieng, K. Anastos, E. Pefura-Yone, D. Nsame, A.M. Parcesepe (2021). BMC Psychiatry, 21(1), 293.

Prevalence and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Self-Injurious Thoughts among People Living with HIV Presenting for HIV Testing in Mozambique. Parcesepe, A.M., M. Lahuerta, M.R. Lamb, L. Ahoua, F. Abacassamo, and B. Elul (2021). AIDS Care, 33(1), 47-53.
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Psychological distress among a population-representative sample of residents of four slum neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Tymejczyk O, Fitzgerald DW, Nash D, Walsh KF, Petion J, Pape JW, McNairy M, Seo G, Peck M, Dorelien A, Rivera V, Parcesepe AM. (2020). Journal of Affective Disorders, 263(263), 241-245.

Household decision-making and HIV care continuum outcomes among women living with HIV in Mozambique. Parcesepe AM, Lahuerta M, Lamb MR, Ahoua L, Abacassamo F, Elul B.  (2020). AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 34(4), 173-183.

Gender, HIV- related stigma, and health-related quality of life among adults enrolling in HIV care in Tanzania. Parcesepe A, Nash D, Tymejczyk O, Reidy W, Kulkarni S, Elul B.  (2020). AIDS and Behavior., 24(1), 142-150.

Gender Differences and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Problem Drinking Among Adults Enrolling in HIV Care in Tanzania. A Parcesepe, D Nash, O Tymejczyk, W Reidy, S Kulkarni, B Elul (2019). AIDS and behavior, 23(6), 1612-1622.

Psychosocial Factors Associated with Food Insufficiency Among People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) Initiating ART in Ethiopia. M DiLorenzo, A Parcesepe, O Tymejczyk, S Hoffman, B Elul, S Weiser, R Remien, S Kulkarni, T Gadisa, Z Melaku, D Nash (2019). AIDS and behavior.

Gender, HIV-Related Stigma, and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Adults Enrolling in HIV Care in Tanzania. A Parcesepe, D Nash, O Tymejczyk, W Reidy, S Kulkarni, B Elul (2019). AIDS and behavior.

Research priorities to inform "Treat All" policy implementation for people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: a consensus statement from the International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA). M Yotebieng, E Brazier, D Addison, A Kimmel, M Cornell, O Keiser, A Parcesepe, A Onovo, K Lancaster, B Castelnuovo, P Murnane, C Cohen, R Vreeman, M Davies, S Duda, C Yiannoutsos, R Bono, R Agler, C Bernard, J Syvertsen, J Sinayobye, R Wikramanayake, A Sohn, P von Groote, G Wandeler, V Leroy, C Williams, K Wools-Kaloustian, D Nash (2019). Journal of the International AIDS Society, 22(1), e25218.

Mental health and HIV: Research priorities related to the implementation and scale up of Treat All in sub-Saharan Africa. Parcesepe A, Bernard C, Agler R, Ross J, Yotebieng M, Bass J, Kwobah E, Adedimeji A, Goulet J, Althoff KN. (2018). Journal of Virus Eradication, 4(2), 16-25.

Substance use and universal access to HIV testing and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa: Implications and research priorities. Lancaster K, Hetrick A, Jaquet A, Adedimeji A, Atwoli L, Colby D, Mayor A, Parcesepe A, Syvertsen J. (2018). Journal of Virus Eradication, 4(2), 26-32.

Screening and management of mental health and substance use disorders in HIV treatment settings in low- and middle-income countries within the global IeDEA consortium. Parcesepe A, Mugglin C, Nalugoda F, Bernard C, Yunihastuti E, Althoff K, Jaquet A, Haas AD, Duda SN, Wester CW, Nash D, IeDEA Consortium (2018). Journal of the International AIDS Society, 21(3), e25101.


  • PhD, Maternal and Child Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2015
  • MPH, Population and Family Health, Columbia University, 2009
  • MSW, Social Welfare, Columbia University, 2009
  • BA, Economics, Colgate University, 2000