Andrea Bankoski

Andrea Bankoski, MPH

IT Manager
Department of Epidemiology

Research Activities

- Best practices and quality control of health databases.

- Development and improvement of standardized process and outcome measures.

- Data governance and IT security.

Key Publications

Sharing Overdose Data across State Agencies to Inform Public Health Strategies: A Case Study. S Cherico-Hsii, A Bankoski, P Singal, I Horon, E Beane, M Casey, K Rebbert-Franklin, J Sharfstein (2016). Public Health Reports, 131(2), 258-263.

Emergency department chief complaint versus discharge diagnosis for tracking disease measures. A Bankoski, A Salim, Z Faigen (2014). Online Journal of Public Health Informatics, 6(1), e38.

Policy Innovation Profile: State Provides Financial and Technical Support to Underserved Communities Designated as Health Enterprise Zones, Leading to Enhancements in Primary Care Capacity. C Hussein, A Bankoski, M Luckner  (2014). Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Hypertension in Bo, Sierra Leone. K Meehan, A Bankoski, E Tejan, R Ansumana, U Bangura, D Stenger, K Jacobsen (2011). Ethnicity and Disease, 21(2), 237-242.

Sedentary activity associated with metabolic syndrome independent of physical activity. A Bankoski, TB Harris, JJ McClain, RJ Brychta, P Caserotti, KY Chen, D Berrigan, RP Troiano, A Koster (2011). Diabetes Care, 34(2), 497-503.

Appendix B: Federal Funding of Tick-Borne Diseases. In: Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and the Resolution of Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases: The Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes. (2011). Washington DC: The National Academies Press.

Relationship between Chilean children’s reported dietary practices and parents’ preferences for consumption. A Bankoski, K Jacobsen, L Pawloski, J Moore, K Gaffney, S Jaimovich, C Campos (2010). Revista Chilena de Nutrición, 37(3), 352-358.

Predictors of compliance with scheduled surgery in rural Guatemala. K Jacobsen, A Bankoski (2010). International Health, 2(3), 206-211.

Staff/Administrative Duties

 Ms. Bankoski manages the Department of Epidemiology's team of programmers and IT support staff. She specializes in data governance and provides best practices, tools and trainings on the management, security, quality, analysis and dissemination of data.


  • Epidemiology/Biostatistics, MPH, George Mason University, 2010
  • Psychology, BA, Pennsylvania State University, 2000