Dr. Amy Lanou

Amy Lanou, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Public Health Leadership Program
Executive Director
NC Center for Health and Wellness (UNC Asheville)
Department of Health and Wellness (UNC Asheville)


Dr. Amy Joy Lanou is an adjunct professor for the PHLP and the Executive Director for the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness and Professor in the Department of Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville. She has 30 years of experience in nutrition and health promotion in academic, non-profit, and small business settings, specializing in nutrition for prevention, management and treatment of chronic conditions. She is the author of Building Bone Vitality and Healthy Eating for Life for Children as well as numerous research articles.

Her interests include pedagogical innovation, engaged, inter- and cross-disciplinary teaching and learning practices, food politics and nutrition policy, and plant-based eating styles for health promotion and disease prevention. 

Key Publications

Dionysus Synergates: Critical Thinking and Interdisciplinary Learning. Mills S and Lanou AJ (2018). The Classical Journal, 113.4.

Telling Stories, Gaining Wisdom: Putting our Voices into our Practice, chapter published in volume titled Women Activating Agency in Academia: Metaphors, Manifestos and Memoir, Eds. Mathews LG, Lanou AJ, Peterson KE, Burchard M, Weldon A (2018).

Why We Should Not ‘Go It Alone’: Strategies for Realizing Integrative Learning in SENCER Curricula. Wasileski SA, Peterson K, Mathews LG, Lanou AJ, Clarke D, Bailey E, Wingert JR Science Education and Civic Engagement, 8(1), 55-65.

Accuracy of self-perception and body mass index compared to actual body fat percentages in athletes and non-athletes. Rote AE, Pineda E, Wells O, Lanou AJ, and Wingert JR (2015). Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

Co-writing, Co-knowing: Transforming epistemologies. Burchard M, Lanou A, Mathews L, Peterson K, Weldon A (2014). Theoretical Practice, Feminist Epistemologies.
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  • PhD, Human Nutrition, Cornell University
  • BS, Nutrition Science, University of California Davis