Dr. Amy Lanou

Amy Joy Lanou, PhD

North Carolina Institute for Public Health
Public Health Leadership Program


Dr. Amy Joy Lanou is the Director for the North Carolina Institute for Public Health and a Professor in the Public Health Leadership Program. She formerly served as Executive Director of the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness and Professor in the Department of Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville. She also served as the UNC Asheville Lead for the UNC Asheville – UNC Gillings Master of Public Health Program with a concentration in place-based health. She has 5 years of public health practice experience and 30 years of experience in nutrition and health promotion in academic, non-profit, and small business settings, specializing in nutrition for prevention, management, and treatment of chronic conditions. She is the author of Building Bone Vitality and Healthy Eating for Life for Children as well as numerous research articles.
Her interests include social connectedness to address social isolation and loneliness, the impact of dissemination of evidence-based health promotion programs on healthy aging, engaged, inter- and cross-disciplinary teaching and learning practices, health policy and food politics and nutrition policy, and plant-based eating styles for health promotion and disease prevention.

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Key Publications

Descriptive Assessment of Race, Ethnicity, Comorbidities, and SARS-CoV-2 Infection- Fatality in North Carolina. Denslow S, Rote A, Wingert J, Hanchate AD, Lanou AJ, Westreich D, Chen K, Sexton L, Halladay JR (2023). North Carolina Medical Journal, 84(2).
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A randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of a novel dietary supplement (Braini) on standardized CNS Vital Signs cognitive performance parameters in adults. Lanou AJ, Mast AC, Hill BD, Kim SS, and Hanaway P (2023). Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine.
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Reach and impact of in-person and remote delivery formats of Walk with Ease. Mazza NZ, Lanou AJ, Weisner S (2023). INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing, 60.
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Rural-urban outcome differences associated with COVID-19 hospitalizations in North Carolina. Denslow S, Wingert JR, Hanchate AD, Westreich D, Sexton L, Cheng K, Curtis J, Schuyler Jones W, Lanou AJ, Halladay JR (1970). PLOS ONE , 17(8), e0271755.
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Perspective Chapter: Social Distancing and Isolation: Unintended Consequences, Concerns, and Antidotes for Older Adults. Lanou AJ, Jones J, Noble L, Smythe T, Gambrill LA, Olson E, & Woodall, T. (2022). . In A. P. É. Gouveia, B. R. Gouveia, A. Marques, & A. Ihle (Eds.) (2024). IntechOpen, Geriatric Medicine and Healthy Aging.
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The Social Bridging Project: Intergenerational Phone-Based Connections with Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Noble LW, Olson E, Woodall T, Jones J, Smythe T, Whitlock C, Silver M, Hewitt L, Lanou AJ (2022). Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.
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Effects of Experiential Food Education on Local Food Purchasing and Eating Behavior. Lanou AJ, Mathews LG, Speer J*, Mills L*, Gold-Leighton N*. (2021). Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.
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Practice report: Student health ambassadors at residential campuses contribute to safer campus living and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lanou A, Perry J, Perry L, Garland B, Hunt K, Gold-Leighton K (2021). Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 23(8).
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Sidebar: Regional Relationships: Creative Collaboration for Prevention and Mitigation Among Western North Carolina Learning Institutions. Hodge B, Lanou AJ (2021). North Carolina Medical Journal , 82(4), 260-261.
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A Statewide Approach to Falls Prevention: Widespread Implementation of A Matter of Balance in North Carolina, 2014–2019. Mazza NZ, Bailey E, Lanou AJ, Miller N (2021). Journal of Applied Gerontology.
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  • PhD, Human Nutrition, Cornell University
  • BS, Nutrition Science, University of California Davis