Adaora Adimora

Adaora Adimora, MD

Department of Epidemiology
Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor of Medicine
School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
2147 Bioinformatics Building
CB #7030
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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Key Publications

Changes in Exposure to Neighborhood Characteristics are Associated with Sexual Network Characteristics in a Cohort of Adults Relocating from Public Housing. Adaora Adimora, Loida Bonney, Hannah Cooper, Emily Dauria, Danielle Haley, Josalin Hunter-Jones, Conny Karnes, Mary Kelley, Sabriya Linton, Kristen Renneker, Carlos Rio, Zev Ross, Richard Rothenberg, Gina Wingood (2015). AIDS and Behavior, 19(6), 1016-1030.

Experience of forced sex and subsequent sexual, drug, and mental health outcomes: african american and hispanic women in the southeastern united states. Ada Adimora, Craig Borkowf, Deborah Jones, Gary Marks, Eleanor McLellan-Lemal, Christine O’Daniels, Cathy Simpson, Olga Villar-Loubet, Stephen Weiss (2015). International Journal of Sexual Health.

Illustration of a measure to combine viral suppression and viral rebound in studies of HIV therapy. Adaora Adimora, Stephen Cole, Jessie Edwards, Joseph Eron, Jason Fine, Jeff Martin (2015). Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 68(2), 241-244.

Prevalence and Correlates of Knowledge of Male Partner HIV Testing and Serostatus Among African-American Women Living in High Poverty, High HIV Prevalence Communities (HPTN 064). Adaora Adimora, Paula Frew, Danielle Haley, Sally Hodder, James Hughes, Larissa Jennings, Anne Rompalo, Lydia Soto-Torres, Jing Wang (2015). AIDS and Behavior, 19(2), 291-301.

Reducing Concurrent Sexual Partnerships Among Blacks in the Rural Southeastern United States: Development of Narrative Messages for a Radio Campaign. Adaora Adimora, Jane Brown, Joan Cates, Thierry Fortune, Diane Francis, Wizdom Hammond, Catalina Ramirez, Victor Schoenbach (2015). Journal of Health Communication.

Regression to the mean and changes in risk behavior following study enrollment in a cohort of U.S. women at risk for HIV. Adaora Adimora, Paula Frew, Carol Golin, Danielle Haley, Sally Hodder, James Hughes, Jessica Justman, Irene Kuo, Lydia Soto-Torres, Jing Wang (2015). Annals of Epidemiology, 25(6), 439-444.

Religiosity, spirituality, and HIV risk behaviors among African American women from four rural counties in the southeastern U.S. Adaora Adimora, Irene Doherty, Christina Ludema, Eleanor McLellan-Lemal, Christine O’Daniels, Cathy Simpson, Olga Villar-Loubet, Becky White (2015). Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 26(1), 168-181.