A challenge to alumni

March 24, 2006
Student travel funds enhance education

Anne Clayton

Anne Clayton

Traveling to present papers at professional mettings or to apply knowledge and gain experience in summer internships makes the Carolina education even more valuable.

Knowing how important these experiences are, UNC Professor Gary Koch, PhD, issued a challenge to alumni. He will match every dollar donated to student travel funds.

Anne Clayton was one of many students who benefited from the School’s student travel funds. “It was so valuable to get to go to Tanzania last summer and see firsthand how programs work. I saw real challenges and barriers and also saw how USAID works with other governments to incorporate their visions and plans,” says Anne. She is earning her master’s degree in maternal and child health and a certificate in global health. Without these funds, the trip would have been impossible for her to afford. “Having a context for what we are discussing makes every class more relevant,” Anne says.

Create travel opportunities for students by supporting the School’s student travel fund. Please visit www.sph.unc.edu/giving and invest in broadening our students’ experiences.

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