Auditorium Space

Seats: 146

Installed Technology

Advanced Functions

Touch Panel Wall Controls

  • Volume
  • Lights, shades and screens
  • Present mode
  • Remote conference mode


  • Ceiling speakers
  • Active ceiling microphones
  • Clip-on lavaliere microphone

Room Connections

  • Wireless laptop/device display
  • Wired laptop connections (VGA, HDMI and mini display port cables)

Media Equipment

  • Desktop computer
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • DLP ceiling mounted projectors and screens (5)
  • LCD wall monitors (6)
  • Ceiling-mounted LCD monitor (1)
  • Blu-ray/DVD
  • PowerPoint Remote
  • Document camera


  • Mobile lectern and water table
  • Wipe boards and markers
  • Fixed seats (90); movable tables and chairs
  • AV help desk phone

Room Equipment Instructions

Read the Room Equipment Instructions (PDF) for help with managing the control panel and using AV equipment.

To reserve additional media equipment, please complete the Audiovisual Services Equipment Request Form or call (919) 966–6536

Room Image

Joan Heckler Gillings Auditorium, as viewed from the front.

Joan Heckler Gillings Auditorium, as viewed from the front.


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