Research translation core

Core Leader: Kathleen Gray

The Research Translation Core (RTC) focuses on improving scientific and public understanding of how Superfund chemicals harm human health and how to reduce exposure to those chemicals, enabling government officials and the public to make informed decisions about reducing risk.

Specific aims for the Research Translation Core include:

  • building partnerships with federal, state and local government agencies to raise awareness of UNC SRP research and assist agencies in addressing their related research and community outreach needs;
  • advancing the practical contributions of our research through development of decision making tools, intellectual property protection, and an active partnership with the UNC Office of Technology Development;
  • raising awareness among teachers, visitors to local science centers and other broad audiences of SRP research findings and general environmental health concepts related to hazardous chemical exposure;
  • increasing SRP-funded students’ knowledge of research translation concepts; and,
  • communicating RTC activities and outcomes to NIEHS and other SRPs