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Students can apply what they learn in our state-of-the-art labs.

Students can apply what they learn in our state-of-the-art labs.

Make the most of your time at Gillings!

Read on for essential information about:

  • life at UNC, including diversity resources and health and safety resources;
  • addressing concerns you may have, such as problems with fellow students, ways to resolve faculty/student challenges, and more;
  • academics, including course-related forms and procedures, professional development opportunities and more;
  • global interests (looking for an internship)
  • schoolwide awards and honors; and
  • graduation and commencement info.

Looking for information about how to find jobs on campus or after graduation? Check out resources available through our career services office.

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Course exemptions/substitutions, SPH core courses

Core course exemption/substitution application form
Core curriculum checklist (includes list of approved substitutions) for MPH, MSPH, DrPH
Core curriculum for Non Public Health Degrees (includes list of approved alternatives for SPHG 600) for MHA, MS, MSCR, MSEE, PhD
Core course syllabi: BIOS, (BIOS Sect 2) ENVR, EPID, HB, HPM, SPHG
Related competencies
Exemption request sample

Course Registration

Enrollment Certification
Registration FAQs
Refund Policy

Course-Related forms and Procedures, General

Forms Key
Auditing a course
Course overload form (BSPH)
Course underload form (BSPH)
Dropping courses
Grade appeals
Exam Excuse/ Delay Form
Practicum report form

Withdrawal Information


Public health students who are required to complete a practicum or internship for their degree program must fill this out at the beginning of your placement and when you have finished. Contact the student services manager for your department with questions.

Undergraduates, bring signature requests to the SPH Office of Student Affairs

Graduate Students, bring signature requests to the Graduate School in Bynum Hall

UNC-related policies, forms and information

Official University Withdrawal Process:
Students, please submit Official Withdrawal Request via ConnectCarolina Student Center. Visit the registrar’s office for detailed instructions. This new electronic process is available for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Friday Center students who are currently enrolled in classes and wish to leave the University during the current term.



Academic Enrichment Program

The Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC is committed to making sure students receive the academic enrichment needed to be successful. The Academic Enrichment Program strives to provide quality academic support in a group setting for students experiencing academic difficulty in entry level BIOS and EPID courses.

Currently enrolled students are eligible for group tutoring sessions each semester through the program.
For eligibility purposes, academic difficulty is defined as requiring additional assistance outside of the classroom.

Tutors are graduate students. Tutors in the program have a demonstrated expertise in the subject area they wish to instruct and experience communicating relevant related material.
Interested students are invited to apply to be a tutor. Please see “Becoming a Tutor” below.

The Academic Enrichment Program assumes the cost of group tutoring. If more resources are needed, the student may request additional assistance for individual tutoring from their department. Individual tutoring costs differ per department. Please contact your department for individual tutors

Group tutoring sessions are held for each subject (BIOS and EPID) area twice per week for one hour during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The schedule (room location and times) for each semester will be posted on the SPH Office of Student Affairs website and announced in the OSA weekly email.
Content of the sessions will be determined by the tutors from questions received 72 hours in advance of the session. Other questions may be addressed as time permits.
Students are asked to submit their questions via email to an assigned tutor prior to each session.

Students can contact tutors via email by to register for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 sessions.


Becoming a Tutor

Any student interested in tutoring through the Academic Enrichment Program must have received an H in the course they wish to tutor or have taken a higher level course in the same subject earning an H.
This grade will be verified by the SPH Office of Student Affairs.

Applicants must also receive a recommendation from the following: Lead instructor of the course (BIOS 545, 600 or EPID 600) and the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in their department.

For the 2015-2016 academic year, tutors will be paid $25.00 per hour. Appropriate forms will need to be completed in SPH Office of Human Resources before work begins to complete tax and direct deposit forms.
Hourly employees will enter their time in Time Information Management (TIM). TIM is the official time capturing system utilized to track SPA employee hours for accurate calculation of payment as well as to track leave for accurate reporting records for SPA and Permanent EPA employees.
Please note that there is no way for us to predict demand and therefore we cannot guarantee a specific number of hours per semester.

Apply to become a Tutor: Click here

Submit Academic Reference form to faculty: Click here
Tutors should consult their DGS about any financial implications for fellowships or scholarships.

Student progress and feedback will be used to assess quality of tutoring and sustained employment as a tutor.

View the following professional development events and services available to you this semester:
Office of Student Affairs Professional Development Workshop Series
Career Services
Graduate School professional development offerings

Each year, outstanding SPH students receive awards and honors recognizing their excellence in teaching, research and service or supporting their professional development.  These awards are supported by generous contributions from donors to the School and University who value the current and future contributions of our students.

SPH-wide Self-nominated Current Student Awards

Students wanting to apply for School-wide awards and scholarships may use this link:

This process will allow you to do the following:

  • Select award(s) based on criteria and eligibility
  • Enter personal statement, recommender and upload CV/resume
  • View award status and entry status from referrers
  • Review account, print and search self-nominated applications

Self-nominated Awards for Fall 2015- Spring 2016 academic year will be posted in December 18, 2015
The following Awards will tentatively be offered:

Alumni Association Annual Spirit of Giving Award
Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Anne Cynthia Price Travel Award
Annual Fund Scholarship
Atkinson Scholarship
Brendle Brothers Scholarship
B. Erik and Mabel S. Johansson Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 2014 Scholarship
Derek and Louise Winstanly Scholarship
Donald and Jennifer Holzworth Merit Scholarship
Dr. Curtis Glenn Southard Award
Elizabeth Reaves Martin Moore Scholarship
Fred and Pearle McCall Scholarship
Greenberg Award for Excellence in Doctoral Resarch
Gillings Dissertation Award
Gillings Merit Scholarship
Harry A Guess Scholarship
James Imhotep Irving Public Service Scholarship
Jamie Kimble Scholarship for Courage
Jean Tower Lassiter Scholarship
Kerr L. White and Edward Wagner Scholarship
Koch Travel Award (Deadline February 6, 2015)
Michel A. Ibrahim Fellowship
Moulton-Wong Scholarship

Department-nominated Awards

Department representatives wanting to nominate incoming and current returning students for School-wide awards and scholarships may use this link :

Past winners of the Annual Fund gather in the Armfield Atrium. The Fund provides scholarship assistance to students in all of the School's eight academic departments and programs.

Past winners of the Annual Fund gather in the Armfield Atrium. The Fund provides scholarship assistance to students in all of the School’s eight academic departments and programs.

Honorary Societies

SPH undergraduate and graduate students may be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments by a variety of honorary societies. To nominate a student who you think deserves recognition, see the information below.

Delta Omega – Theta Chapter
Delta Omega is the national honorary society for graduate studies in public health. Students and faculty are eligible for nomination. For more information, contact Dr. Lewis Margolis.

UNC Student Honorary Societies

The Frank Porter Graham Honor Society
Recognizes outstanding service provided to the University and community by graduate and professional students enrolled at UNC. Further, it recognizes the contributions of faculty, staff, and friends of UNC who have made significant contributions to the development of graduate and professional education at the University.

The Order of the Golden Fleece
Recognizes individuals – students, faculty, staff members and alumni – of demonstrably high character and who have made some specific long lasting, innovative and extraordinary contribution to the University community.

The Order of the Grail-Valkyries
Recognizes students of outstanding character who have made significant contributions to our university’s academic climate through excellence in scholarship, dynamic leadership, and innovative service.

The Order of the Old Well
Recognizes students of high character who demonstrated exemplary and generous humanitarian service and who have served in a capacity such that their service contributions have not been previously recognized.

Department awards

Awards that are specific to an academic department in the School of Public Health may vary from year to year. It is best to contact your department about these opportunities.

Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Health Behavior
Health Policy and Management
Maternal and Child Health
Public Health Leadership

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships awarded to incoming students as part of the admissions process:
2012- 2013 | 2013-2014
Scholarships awarded to current students:
2012- 2013 | 2013-2014

Graduate School Awards

The Graduate School offers numerous scholarships for which public health students qualify. Each year, the Graduate School highlights graduate student accomplishments and, each year, SPH students are among the best and brightest across the University.

Public Health Scholarships

North Carolina Public Health Association Scholarships
Are you currently enrolled/ or been accepted in an associate, undergrad or grad degree program? Do you have a child that has been accepted or is currently enrolled in community college or a university? Are you a current member of NCPHA? Did you know you can apply for a scholarship? Please visit the website for more information.


Rotary Peace Fellowship

Rotary Peace Fellowships are offered on a world-competitive basis. Each Rotary district may nominate candidates for competition in the worldwide selection process. Up to 50 fellowships for master’s level studies are offered annually at one of five Rotary Peace Centers. Fellows can only be assigned to a center outside of their home country. For more information on this fellowship can be found here.

Deadline for this application is July 1st 2015.


Global Interests

Addressing Your Concerns

Gillings mechanisms for sharing feedback, getting help with concerns

UNC Resources for sharing feedback, getting help with concerns

Gillings School of Global Public Health offers poster printing for SPH students only!  The poster printer may be used by appointment only and is specific to students printing posters for classes or conferences ONLY!  Unfortunately, Student Affairs cannot accommodate all print requests, so please plan in advance.

Poster Printer Policies

  1. Poster printing is by appointment only – Students can sign up for appointments by using the sign-up sheet located in 263 Rosenau Hall.  Please do not call to make appointments.
  2. You must be a current, matriculated student in order to sign up.  Post-docs and graduates must utilize FedEx Services, the Health Sciences Library  or the Student Union to poster printer services.
  3. One person can print at a time (one representative per group), the poster printer is attached to a “standing” print station in 264 Rosenau Hall.
  4. Use a white background for your poster.  Do not use dark solid color or picture for your background.  We have to conserve as much ink as possible.
  5. Maximum poster size is 54″ x 36″.  Set the “Page Settings” to reflect these dimensions before creating your poster.  Rescaling is not recommended.
  6. NO REPRINTS permitted during a time slot.  You must sign up for a new one if you need to reprint.

Poster printing tips: Click here!

Can’t find what you need? Contact us at the Office of Student Affairs: 919-966-2499 or