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Preparing for your job search may feel like a complicated and daunting task, but the following resources can help you to simplify the process. Getting started Start early– we recommend you create a draft of your resume and/or curriculum vitae during your first year.  Keep this document updated with all of your research projects, class… Read more »

Developing professional skills and making appropriate connections is important in making your public health experience a success. Career Services offers key resources to help students and recent graduates develop and meet their career goals. Career Services are available to public health students and alumni through the Office of Student Affairs. Additional support is available to students… Read more »

            Research, health promotion, education, management and policy development are just a few of the pathways you could pursue as a public health professional.   Find out more about the broad academic areas that comprise public health at Gillings and the kinds of career paths that could be open to… Read more »

  Breeze to get around: Ride the bus… anywhere. It’s free (seriously)! One will drop you off near your Chapel Hill or Carrboro home. Find out when to catch the next bus here. Get on your bike and go… anywhere. Fourteen miles of greenways will take you to campus, libraries, coffee shops, Franklin Street, the… Read more »

Diversity and Inclusion at Gillings At UNC-Gillings, we cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment to better prepare our students for the diverse world that awaits them – a world that seeks culturally competent people to serve as its leaders. When we embrace the socioeconomic, physical, cultural, racial and ethnic differences of our students, faculty and… Read more »

  The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health uses the Gillings Program Search (GPS) to help browsers locate essential information about the degree and non-degree options offered by our seven departments and one interdisciplinary program. The GPS also offers tailored instructions for how to apply. To start your search for information about our residential and…