How to Apply for Financial Aid

At Gillings, about 60 percent of our students receive substantial financial aid packages (an average of $10,000 per student, per year) through non-service scholarships, tuition support, teaching and research assistant-ships and other compensated positions. Students may also receive support through federal student loans. Scholarships can come from the University, The Graduate School, the School of Public Health, individual departments or external funders.

Please pay close attention to all deadlines in order to be considered for as many opportunities as possible.

Application Timeline

First: Complete the paperwork.

To qualify for most funding sources, all students (including distance education students) must apply for financial aid via UNC’s Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (OSSA). Apply for financial aid regardless of need to ensure that you are eligible for as many opportunities as possible. All aid distributed through the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid (even merit-related awards) requires you to submit a FAFSA form.

Next: Check with your home department.

You may need to complete additional financial forms for department-sponsored scholarships and assistance.

Considering a graduate program at Gillings?

Your home department will select a number of applicants (based on merit or a combination of merit and need) for funding from the UNC Graduate School. Visit their site for more information about being a grad student at Carolina. Have you found their Funding Basics page? If not, take a look!

Interested in funding that supports diversity?

The UNC Office of Scholarships and Student Aid can provide details.