Graduate Open House

For more information regarding department sessions, please contact a student services manager. Graduate Program Open House October 10, 2014 133 Rosenau Hall 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The schoolwide offices and departments invite prospective students to visit campus, learn more about our graduate degree programs and connect with current faculty, students and staff. We look… Read more »

Public Health Career Resources

The following is a partial list of public health organizations and job search resources; your employment search may generate a more comprehensive list particular to your area of interest. Public health related organizations and associations American Public Health AssociationAmerican Industrial Hygiene AssociationAmerican Statistical AssociationAssociation of Clinical Research OrganizationsAssociation of Clinical Research ProfessionalsAssociation of Maternal and… Read more »


What is an Internship? An internship is an experiential learning opportunity which provides a different experience as compared to a part time job or volunteer work. An internship or practicum is an educational experience with ongoing communication between the student, the student’s adviser and the employer’s preceptor. During the internship or practicum, the student should… Read more »


What is a Fellowship? A fellowship can be awarded by an institution or organization for many reasons. They can be focused around research, teaching or training. Fellowships generally are designed to advance the applicant’s knowledge in a certain area or specialization. Fellowships can be obtained as many as 5 years after graduation from a master’s… Read more »


Interviewing is a skill that may come naturally to some; but for others, it must be learned through repetition.  Nervousness and anxiety are to be expected.  Learning to embrace the nervousness and having fun in the process are keys to a successful outcome. This page includes information on preparing for your interview, including self assessment, what… Read more »


Networking is a great way to meet new people and form on-going professional relationships with people in your field.  It can also enable you to: Learn about career opportunities Gather information about the industry and available careers within the industry Get advice and moral support from colleagues Build collaborations for future work and exchange of… Read more »

Researching companies

Learn about the companyWhen applying for jobs or preparing for an interview, it is important to learn as much as possible about the company or organization of interest. This information will help you to decide whether you might like to work for a potential employer. Also, you may be asked questions during an interview about… Read more »