Students & Postdocs

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Student Research at a Glance
  • More than 60 course are offered throughout the school that focus on research methods or training.
  • 72% of recent Gillings grads are employed in areas appropriate to their training
  • 30 training grants provide dozens of SPH students the opportunity to conduct research
  • Approximately 33% of faculty's active research grants employ students
  • More than 20% of faculty publications have student co-authors
  • Our students have the ability to do research throughout North Carolina in the World. Our faculty does research or outreach in all 100 North Carolina counties, across the U.S., and in 55+ countries around the world.
Research in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health is an essential part of the teaching mission.

Virtually all of our research teams include both our faculty and our students, giving students the opportunity to work on real world problems in which they can apply the approaches that they have learned in the classroom.


The student research poster event showcases students’ original research. The event took place March 21 2014. Maya Nadimpalli received the Delta Omega (Theta chapter) award and Luma Essaid received the Gillings Student Poster award. In November, 2014, Ms. Nadimpalli presented her work again at the International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance in Vienna, Austria.

Postdoc Research Resources
Featured Researchers

Each year, the Postdoctoral Awards for Research Excellence are given in recognition of the research promise demonstrated by individual postdoctoral scholars. Two of our postdoctoral scholars won the award this year!  Dr. Anne Justice and Dr. Vineet Menachery earned the award this year for their work in epidemiology.  Dr. Anne Justice is a fellow in the Cardiovascular Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory and Dr. Menachery conducts research upon host immune responses to highly virulent respiratory viruses.