SPH Business and Administration

The SPH Business and Administration (Finance, Facilities, Human Resources, IT, Business Intelligence, Reporting & Planning) mission is to be a positive catalyst for managing the resources necessary to allow the School of Public Health to achieve excellence in fulfillment of its mission and goals.

Areas of Operation

Business Intelligence

The SPH Business Intelligence group covers a broad category of work done at the school to assist with decision-making and planning in areas such as admissions, financial aid, curriculum, enrollment management, staffing, finance, facilities, and alumni relations. Our staff collect, analyze, report, and warehouse quantitative and qualitative data about the school’s students, faculty, staff, curriculum, course offerings, and learning outcomes. Business Intelligence is also the main resource for collecting and reporting information to government bodies.


The SPH Facilities department oversees the maintenance of our buildings and rooms, construction and renovation projects, space planning, facilities based event planning and emergency/disaster preparedness.


The mission of the SPH Finance Office is to oversee budget planning, management and reporting at the School level and to lead financial policy development and implementation on behalf of the school. We serve as an adviser to School personnel on compliance matters and as a liaison between the School and auditors (internal and external). We also serve as the liaison between the School and various offices around campus (Provost’s Office, Budget Office, Office of University Counsel, Internal Audit, as well as other UNC offices) on finance and compliance-related issues. The SPH Finance Office directly manages financials for the central School units (CAUs) and the Public Health Foundation.

Human Resources

The mission of the SPH Human Resources Office is to provide HR counsel and guidance at the school level and to lead HR initiatives on behalf of the School. We serve as an adviser to School personnel on HR policies, procedures and systems including Appointments, Promotions and Tenure; recruitment and hiring; performance management; employee relations; as well as many other areas. We also serve as the liaison between the School and various offices around campus (Provost’s Office, Office of Human Resources, Equal Opportunity Office, Office of University Counsel, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, as well as other UNC offices) on personnel issues.

Information Technology

Need A/V equipment? Help developing an online course? A fix for your laptop? A new website? Instructional and Information Systems (IIS) can help. IIS provides core information technology support for public health faculty, staff and students. We collaborate with technology partners inside the School and across campus to ensure that our School is getting the best from technology.

Contact Us

Senior Associate Dean
135 Dauer Drive
205 Rosenau Hall, CB #7400
(919) 966-7428


Assistant: Rob Kathner
(919) 962-3150

  • Business and Administrative Operations
  • Data/Metric Reporting
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • Instructional and Information Systems
  • SPH Facilities

Rob Kathner
Business Services Coordinator
135 Dauer Drive
208 Rosenau Hall, CB #7400
(919) 962-3150

  • Cross-functional business & administration support
  • Finance/ERP Training & Helpdesk Support
  • Human Resources Backup
  • Data & Metrics Reporting
  • IIS Systems Access
  • Web Content Management