Public health leader brings experience to UNC

Public health leader brings experience to UNC
Dr. James Merchant served as a Gillings Visiting Professor from September 2008-August 2009. Dr. Merchant has resumed his work at the University of Iowa. This is the description that was posted at the time of his appointment.
Environmental sciences + engineering appointment = our chance to learn

Slides from GVP Jim Merchant’s seminar “Public Health Impacts of Industrial Farm Animal Production” now available.

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Bringing the School into the public eye
Renowned physician, former dean of the University of Iowa College of Public Health, James Merchant — health policy consultant to the Association of Schools of Public Health — brings leadership, expertise and savvy along with a rich background in environmental and occupational health research. A graduate of UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, Merchant’s work led the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as in several other industries. The standard is credited with substantially reducing the number of brown lung cases in the state and the nation.
Enhancing public health practice, instruction and research
  • Dr. Merchant will offer leadership counsel to the Dean’s Office as well as to department chairs at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.

  • Through his appointment in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, he will serve as an advisor on rural health and injury-prevention strategies.
  • As public health policy consultant to the Association of Schools of Public Health, he will promote the development of public policy positions and briefs.
  • As alumnus of the School, where he received his DrPH in epidemiology, Dr. Merchant will promote the exploration and development of new, possibly unexpected educational opportunities.
Our chance to learn
Dr. Merchant, whose research expertise is in occupational lung disease and epidemiology, childhood asthma epidemiology and prevention, environmental health science research, occupational medicine practice, rural health outcome, and rural and public health policy, will help the School extend its leadership in key areas in public health.

James Merchant, MD, DrPH , professor of occupational and environmental health, University of Iowa, is a highly respected public health leader with rich varied experience. With his combination of experience in rural health and global health, Dr. Merchant models the complementarity of the School’s goal of solving public health problems across North Carolina and around the world.


Last updated July 26, 2011