Investing in students

The Gillings gift supports public health students through almost every program offering. More than 100 students have worked on Gillings Innovation Labs or with Gillings Visiting Professors. Historical funding for enhanced curricular innovations in global health and financial literacy reaches almost every student enrolled at the School. Additional awards are described below.
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Gillings Dissertation Awards

Up to two Gillings Dissertation Awards will be made each year to current doctoral candidates at the School whose work has strong potential for public health impact.

Gillings Merit Scholarships and Awards: Funding for new students

Any person applying to a graduate degree program in the School will be eligible to receive merit-based financial support in the form of a Gillings Merit Scholarship or Award. Department chairs and their admissions committees select very highly competitive applicants to receive this support.

Gillings Student Organization Service Project Award

The Gillings Student Organization Service Project Award provides support to public health student organizations seeking funding to further an innovative service project that benefits communities across North Carolina and around the world. Awarded projects are competitively selected. Applications are due 4/14/14. Apply Now! 

Spotlight on Student ResearchPostereventforweb

The student research poster event showcases students’ original research. The event took place March 21 2014. Maya Nadimpalli received the Delta Omega (Theta chapter) award and Luma Essaid received the Gillings Student Poster award.
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