Innovation Opportunities


Do you have an idea for a start-up? Do you have a company that is looking for funds? We’re here to serve you and in pursuit of that goal we’ll be posting innovation and entrepreneurship contests, opportunities for funding, and other activities on this page. Please check back as the support landscape is constantly shifting.

Current Opportunities:

Triangle Start-up Weekend:

This event is a great chance for people with an idea for a health-focused venture (whether for profit or not) to meet others interested in the topic, hone their business model, get advice from mentors, and start testing their assumptions about their venture. Teams are often able to create a prototype “Minimum Viable Product” before the weekend is finished, and even get a chance to pitch the idea to potential investors.

How might we make low-income urban areas safer and more empowering for women and girls?

Safety is a basic human right. But for the millions of women and girls living in low-income urban communities across the world, personal safety can be difficult to achieve – giving way to gender-based violence, social isolation or a lack of basic social services. With this challenge, we are asking the OpenIDEO community to help design solutions that enable women to feel safe and empowered, by contributing research, sharing ideas and collaborating with others during the challenge.